Sunday, May 07, 2006

Wrapping the LPC(O) convention

It’s Sunday and I decided to sleep-in rather than catch the last morning of the convention. There wasn’t too much on the agenda and I needed a good night’s sleep.

The good

It was a good weekend. Over 1200 enthusiastic Liberals in attendance and even though we’re in a leadership race there was no tension or rivalry, everyone was feeling united and together, and energetic and enthused about the challenges ahead.

It was good to see a few friends I hadn’t seen in a few years, and it was also great to meet a number of fellow Libloggers, including Ted of Cerberus, Jason of Cherniak on Politics, Shosona, Zac of Behind the Headlines, and Vincent of A View or Two.

I liked Bill Graham’s luncheon speech and his expansion of the attack to the NDP, and I also liked Mike Eizenga’s call for a national membership list and a streamlined party bureaucracy.

The highlight though, without a doubt, was the leadership forum and the hospitality suites. It was great to hear from all the candidates and see them strut their stuff in person. While they don’t all have a chance, I was impressed with the quality of the group, and the warmth on the stage and in the room. I was at the leadership forum in Vancouver during the last leadership campaign, where John Manley, Sheila Copps and Paul Martin debated, and it was very much a different vibe.

The haters who bemoan the fact all the supposed big names dropped-out are full of it; this is a great group of candidates.

And while the forum helped me narrow my choices it was still a really difficult decision to decide whom to support. Saturday evening, before heading up to the suites, I sat in the lobby for 30 minutes mulling my two top choices, going back and forth. It wasn’t easy. That post is to follow though.

The needs improvement

The party needs to get better organized. While the Web memberships should help, it’s still too difficult to join the party. And it’s also difficult for them to get more involved once they do. We need better communication to members from the party and the riding associations, they need to reach out to the members more. And bloggers need to be recognized as part of the process.

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calgarygrit said...

Thanks for the convention recap - it was fun to read.

BW said...

A very nice wrap up, and your comments on improved organization and communication are well-founded.