Thursday, June 01, 2006

War. What’s it good for?

Well, I guess it depends. I guess it's good for introducing premature motions with little or no debate as a political ploy to divide the opposition party. Just don't actually call it a "war" though, for heaven's sake.

Says lobbyist defence minister Gordon O'Connor, who, by the way, reminds me more of Donald Rumsfeld every day, "I don't categorize this as a war."

I trust he can forgive us for being mistaken, what, with the news reports of battles and fire fights, and the fallen soldiers coming home in coffins. Perhaps that’s why they’d rather we not see that, and have been trying to keep the media away. I also seem to recall Gen. Hiller warning us a few months back of this “dangerous new phase” of Canada’s mission to Afghanistan

I guess it is enough of a war that the military’s Commander-in-Chief, Governor-General Michaelle Jean, has twice been denied permission by the Conservatives visit Afghanistan and show her support for her troops.

I guess the government had security concerns. It’s a war, after all. But not enough of a war, apparently, to stop Stephen Harper, Gordon O’Connor, Peter McKay, and their hangers on from making the trip with media cameras I tow. It’s a delicate line, I know.

Language is important though, Gordon, so you need to decide what we are calling this. I’d recommend against using the term “police action” though.

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