Saturday, July 29, 2006

Con Mid-East fundraising flap media round-up

It looks like this story has broken from the blogsphere into the MSM in a big way, with both TV news coverage and coverage by daily newspapers across the country today.

Interestingly, the Blogging Tories have been silent on the issue. I’ve only seen one of them post on the topic, of course dismissing it as no big deal, taking much the same line as Con commenters have taken here and elsewhere.

Again, I have no problem with issue-based fundraising. I think the Liberals need to do a better job of it. But it is absolutely classless to attempt to raise money on Harper’s handling of the Middle East crisis with the crisis is far from over, when thousands of Canadians are still waiting to be evacuated from Lebanon, and people are still being killed and wounded every day. Nine Canadians have died so far, and he’s fundraising?

The bombs are still falling and Harper is shaking-up Canadians for cash. I still fail to see how people can defend that. I think most Canadians, whether they support Harper’s foreign policy position or not, are just as disgusted as I am.

Globe and Mail: Tories ask for special donations, By Bill Curry

Toronto Sun: Tories milk war for cash, By Alan Findlay

Toronto Star: Tories draw on Mideast crisis to raise money, by Linda Diebel

And of course a CP story yesterday evening by Joan Bryden is getting wide play.

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wilson said...

"Interestingly, the Blogging Tories have been silent on the issue."

I've seen a couple of Tories refer to the fund raising dinner Martin had with the Tamil Tigers.

Funny no other Liberals have come out with guns blazing, where is Graham on this?

Jeff said...

I've also seen posts on iPods and Mel Gibson and other unrelated topics. On the actual issue we're discussing here though, still just the one.