Friday, July 21, 2006

You're welcome Peter!

So Peter McKay isn't happy with a Globe and Mail story about the government's handing of the evacuation and so he wrote a long, whiny letter to the editor about it. Well, I say quit your whining Peter. We've had enough of your ungrateful bitching. You should just be grateful the media is covering your minority "government" at all. I mean, my taxpayers dollars are paying the salary of this "Minister of Foreign Affairs" and he's so ungrateful!


A sarcastic and ugly Liberal whiner

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Anonymous said...

If you don't think the media is left leaning, here's what I saw and heard in the last 48 hours. CBC, CTV, Toronto Star and the Globe & Mail all talked about Harper's plane picking up people . . . and they ALL mentioned that accompanying Harper and his wife was his photographer. I don't ever remember any Liberal leader ever who the media reported on mention that they took their photographer with them. They all did, but it wasn't a big deal. And how many pictures have we seen in the media from this "hanger on whose job it is to make the PM look good"? All of you (including you) bitched about the Globe and Mail endorsing the Conservatives in the last election. Plus all of you (including you) have talked about the media giving a free ride to the new government. So it's OK for the media to falsly report on the Conservatives but when they tell the truth about the Liberals you're all up in arms. Bitching for bitching's sake doesn't do anybody any good. If there's a serious problem then bitch. I know you Liberals have a huge problem with a Prime Minister that leads instead of dithers but you'll get used to it over the next 4 - 8 years.

Anonymous said...

What a bitching Conservative !
CTV is by no means on the left, and if you think that the case, you are really for the Ultra Right.

Jeff said...

Yeah, anon, I have no idea what you're talking about dude.

Say,did you see that "Super Steve" banner headline in the Toronto Sun the other day? Dammed Liberal media!

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy - some people believe all that they hear just because Harper said it........ah - Stevie boy has had it really good in the press. I found it offensive that he used the evacuation as a photo-op - he could have done this quietly. Peter MacKay is probably upset that Stevie boy got all the coverage.......did you MacKay there to meet and greet the evacuees with Harper? Was all this pomp necessary????

Oh, and the reports aren't "false". Harper has done nothing but whine and moan and cry and feel sorry for himself about the press and I guess MacKay is going this direction as well.

This is just getting out of hand and sicker every day.

Anonymous said...

There's a reason CTV was the only network that Harper did not appear on during the election campaign.

But I ask you again. Please show me a single article in which the media mentions the official photographer of the Liberals. There isn't any. And when it comes right down to it, who gives a damn about the media. The Canadian people have, are and will be smart enough to see what's really happening for themselves. There's a reason the Conservatives are at least 10 points ahead. And here are some reasons Canadians will not be leaning left in the near future.

1. Past transgressions.
2. Volpe
3. Past transgressions.
4. Ignatieff.
5. Past transgressions.
6. The Conservatives have made all the right moves. Canadians love the fact that they kept most of their promises so far. And they love the fact a Canadian Prime Minister actually makes decisions. Maybe not popular ones with Liberals but decisions that are in the best interest of the country. Not decisions that are based solely on public opinion.

You are the weakest link . . . goddbye!

And by the way. I never did say the Toronto Sun was unbiased. Of course they lean right just like the Post. So lets keep score.

Left leaning newsmedia . . . 4
Right leaning media . . . 2

Jeff said...

Please show me a single article in which the media mentions the official photographer of the Liberals.

Show me a time where the Liberal official photographer was taking a seat on a government airplane that could have been filled by an evacuee from a war zone and I'll show you that story. While you're at in, look up the word "context."

And when it comes right down to it, who gives a damn about the media.

Well, I know your foreign affairs minister does, since his panties seem to be in such a knot.

I know your prime minister does, since he sees them as the worst enemy since Kaiser Wilhem's German Army.

And, judging by all the whining they do about a Liberal media conspiracy, the Conservative establishment and blogsphere seem to care about the media too.

But besides them? Nooooobody!

wilson said...

What is that old saying about 'any news is good news in politics'

The Cons are keeping themselves in the news ! It's part of the strategy folks.

And there's a rumor going around the media about the Harper-McKay war. LOL pure politics of staying in the news, taking up Liberal leadership ink space.

The more MSM covers the evacuees dissing Harper and the gov't, the easier it will be to make immigration changes with Canadian approval.

I like that MSM has a hate-on for PMSH, it means for constant news coverage.

Scotian said...


Don't forget the order from Harper that all public communications from his government and Cabinet members must be approved first by his office, so this is not just the traitorous MacKay whining but Harper himself. As for anonymous number one complaining about the media mentioning the photographer, gee wasn't it Harper that made such a big deal about emptying his plane of all the media that traveled with him so as to get as many Canadians out of the area and back to Canada as possible? Therefore the fact that he kept three communications staffers and his staff photographer with him and no one else is more than a little relevant information. It is also as you said not something that has a comparable circumstance with the prior PM's. Therefore he is whining about this proving a bias where none can be shown to exist with this example because of lack of comparable circumstances exist.

As you said, he needs to learn the meaning of context before he starts raving about the Liberal media conspiracy at the Globe that has again come in fashion for the CPCers. Got to love these dittoheads that take what their masters tell them is the "truth" instead of actually thinking for themselves and learning how to think in a critical manner and especially not in independently verifying that the information they are being given by their side actually corresponds with reality. That of course is giving this poster the benefit of the doubt that he/she is not deliberately and knowingly lying here.

For a party that claims to be the only party that will "stand up for Canada" it attracts a lot of either subservient followers and/or liars to their ranks. Then again given the honesty issues this party has, especially in its willingness to make false specific criminal allegations last year to bring a government down with (Grewal fraud regarding Senate seat selling allegations made by Grewal and vouched for throughout by Harper, even after the evidence was out there to prove the allegation false Harper to this day maintains there was no editing, no wrongdoing by Conservatives, just the Liberals and that it was the Liberal war room being aided by the same Liberal media conspiracy this poster seems to believe is operating in this case lying to Canadians and not he and his good man Grewal) perhaps it is not such a surprise.

Not to mention the fact this party was birthed in betrayal, deceit and treachery when MacKay won the PCPC leadership on a campaign of being the "no merger" candidate. Which he topped off by beating Brison only via a written pledge of not merging the parties to gain Orchard's supporters votes. Then of course three weeks later he enters into secret talks to merge the parties, something so secret the national leadership of the PCPC did not know nor did his caucus. It took Harper outing MacKay three months later before anyone in the PCPC knew a thing about it, and by then the cards were stacked against those in the PCPC that opposed merger.

I mean really, does anyone believe that a leadership race six months prior to merger that had such a strong plurality to majority opposition to merger suddenly shifted to the incredibly high percentage favouring it then without there having been a stacking of the deck? Not to mention Harper being an adherent of the Calgary School of political theory, a philosophy heavily influenced by a man called Leo Strauss. Leo Strauss being someone that believed that only an elite was qualified to run a country, and that the "noble lie" was acceptable to gain and hold power with. Noble lying, hmmm, can't imagine how someone that believes in such could ever be dishonest with the voting public, especially since that same public are not elites like himself and his followers/cronies in power.

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't matter which way the media leans - Harper claims "he can take a punch" but instead he's acting like a whimpy cry baby.

Other politicians take their chances and let themselves be interviewed by all media outlets - but Harper is just plain sulky and chicken.

Take a punch - ya right!

Maybe his mummy could write a letter to all media about being nice to her "Stephen". Maybe then he wouldn't run away and hide.

Be a man Harper - take your chances and challenge all media of any stripe!

Anonymous said...

CTV not a "Conservative" media - ya sure.

Who owns it: the Bassett family - very staunch conservatives, friends of Mulroney (hence Ben's job I guess - couldn't be his talent that's for sure.

Mike Duffy: he practically kissed Harper's feet, destroyed the Liberals during the campaign with wink-wink nudge-nudge gossip with Jane Taber.........hmmmm

Anonymous said...

While we're at it here - Mr. Good and Honest....ya right!

Try some research people - how about Harper deliberately "leaking" information with respect to Manning so that he could win the leadership huh!

Look back at his campaign......he's certainly broken a few promises here!

Family man - hmmm....the dude has asthma, has children and all he worries about is the oil companies, not the environment - what a thoughtful family man!

And to watch him speak about those Canadians who died in Lebanon, the mounties that died......the coldest face in the world......he really doesn't care. In fact the mounties are getting very little coverage so that Steve can have his photo-op.

We could go on and on, but be careful, the conservatives will go back in history and blame everyone prior to Harper for his failings.

Anonymous said...

Harpor's all about using the media as his tools and then loves to pain them as 'the enemy' -- see his quote after the Vimy visit this past week to see exactly what he thinks! Remember the flip-flop on cameras at the repatriation of soldiers' bodies? He didn't say he made a mistake or say he'd changed his mind, he tried to pawn it off as someone's mistake and misunderstanding, although you can read innumerable quotes on exactly his intention when he decided to 'lock-down' the airforce bases. Then he gave a little slam to one of the grieving parents. This guy has no class -- everything is being filtered thru his control-freakin hands, guess he sees himself as somewhat of a Howard Hughes of parliament. 'Cept we can't get his 'official photographer' to hand over those photos of Harpor in his kleenex boxes...
Oh yeh and the country's just in love with him. A whuppin' 37% -- up a whole point! -- by the latest Tory friendly pollster. What a honeymoon! It's Harpor-mania, or something. This despite all those photo ops of him 'keeping his promises' of lowering the gst (and raising personal income taxes), of addressing the accountability gap (while filling the senate with a lazy-ass pal who then gets the keys to Public Works) and keeping honest and integrity as Job One (while letting lobbyiest O'Connor dish out contracts to pals and shareholder Clement make decisions on his pharmaceutical subsidiaries)... Oh gotta love the irony!

Peter Rempel said...

"I know your prime minister does, since he sees them as the worst enemy since Kaiser Wilhem's German Army."

Good boy. You managed to avoid mentioning the Nazis. But not a good Liberal.

You're becoming a bit rabid, don't you think?

Jeff said...

Good boy. You managed to avoid mentioning the Nazis.

That was actually a reference to PM SH's comments at Vimy the other day. Scroll back a few days to my "At least it wasn't a WW2 memorial." You might have missed the story, it didn't get much coverage from that darned Liberal media...

You're becoming a bit rabid, don't you think?

Is sarcasm and satire truely dead, or just unappreciated? :(

Robert said...

There's a reason CTV was the only network that Harper did not appear on during the election campaign.

Wrong. Harper made a point of having his appearance on CTV a day or so before he was on CBC. You must have missed it.