Thursday, August 31, 2006

A (hypothetical) question for Scott Brison...

...that occured to me while shaving this morning. Scott, if Michael Ignatieff wins the leadership will you run again?

Just wondering

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Anonymous said...

"..Scott Brison's become a blowhard"

Boy, there are so many ways to read that statement.

On another subject, does Iggy have an American passport?

I ask because all those years of working in the US, it is hard to believe he wouldn't have gotten himself a Green Card or even a full citizenship.

Ted Betts said...

Ignatieff has never applied for a green card and has always maintained his Canadian passport despite "all those years", all 4 of them, working in the US.

Nice try Mr. Brave and Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Birson should be careful. There are "gaffes" and there are REAL gaffes - like the income trust email issue.

I don't see Ignatieff or Dion etting this nasty.

Anonymous said...

From Wikipedia:

In 1976, Ignatieff completed his PhD in History at Harvard University (that is at least 4 years right there).

1976-1978: Canada/BC.

1978-2000: UK with visiting tenures in Europe and US/Calif. Does he have a British passport?

2000-2005: Director, Carr Center, Harvard. What visa did he have, and can Cerberus "The Brave" point to any quote directly from Ignatieff clarifying his visa status in the US or the UK?

I have a hard time believing that a man would live for 28 years in the UK and US and not take up citizenship. The pain of renewing a work permit every year or so alone would be reason enough to have done so.

I don't see a dual citizenship as a problem either. It is legal after all.

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Harper and his controlled gang have been up to things and this is all people are worried about?

We are in trouble Canada.

Glen Ford died at 90 - for the young people he was an extremely good actor.

The news media still claim him as a Canadian (he was born in Quebec). He's lived in the U.S. since he was very young. But it's OK to call him (because of celebrity) a Canadian.

Double-standards anyone?

Mark Dowling said...

I note Ignatieff said he's been a Liberal since he was 17. Has Brison been a lib 17 months yet?

Anonymous said...

Glenn Ford became an American citizen in 1939 -- he had lived there since turning 8. He always considered himself to be Canadian despite a very patriotic American, and I have a copy of a letter he wrote home to his mother from NY in '39 when, after a play he was in received a cold winter welcome, he mused about cheering on the Canadiens against the Rangers...
Ignatieff, I still don't know which team he'd cheer for.

Penelope Persons said...

Can you verify Iggy's claim to being a capital "L" Liberal since the age of 17, Mark? Was he buying memberships and working with and for the Party? Or any Canadian Party for that matter?

I have only had the card for a couple of months, and in fact was a PC like Scott for many years - when being a "Conservative" meant being liberal on social policies.... and let's face it, almost the same on every other policy as well.

As for how long Scott has been a Liberal, do the math. How long as the (new)Conservative Party been in existence?

Anonymous said...

Scott Brison has won TWO elections as a Liberal.
Ignatieff has won one.

As Minister of Public Works Scott Brison answered over 1000 questions on the floor of the House of Commons defending the Liberal Party and the government.
Ignatieff has never answered any.

Scott Brison has been a Liberal cabinet minister.
Iganiteff has never been in a cabinet.

Unknown said...

Oh Good grief- you both need to get a grip. Who CARES about Iggy's status while in the US or how many elections Scott Brison or Iggy won? They are both better than Harper and the country needs both of them, not this sort of petty squabbling which Mr. Harper would LOVE!!