Thursday, August 31, 2006

Support our troops? Then give Jack Layton money

You probably heard that today NDP leader Jack Layton called for the withdrawal of Canada's troops from Afghanistan. The NDP's always smug and simplistic takes on issues of foreign policy never cease to both amaze and nauseate me, but that’s not what I wanted to write about tonight.

Just mere hours after Jack’s righteous statement, the NDP used it as to solicit donations from Canadians in a fundraising e-mail that arrived in my inbox. Apparently, the way to “support our troops” is to send Jack Layton $100:

I’m not sure which I’m more disgusted by, this or the Harper Conservatives using the war in Lebanon to raise money for the CPC at a time when thousands of Canadians were still desperately trying to flee a war zone. I think it’s a tie, both are nauseating.

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Steve V said...

Why does Layton need a hundred bucks from me to "fight in parliament"? Is there some sort of surcharge during question period, like if I only give fifty, the NDP is restricted to a question every other day?

Anonymous said...

The NDP does not take donations from Corporations, so they depend on individual donations. They have a donation request at the end of all there newsletters, this isn't really nothing new. What are you trying to spin?

C4SR said...

Another cheap political stunt from a smug, self-satisfied, reactionary party.

The NDP helped put Harper in office.

They should apologize to Canadians before they turn their backs on the monster they helped to create and raise money on its back.

If they had any decency, they would.

But of course, they won't.

Anonymous said...

"The NDP helped put Harper in office."

Stop saying that stupid thing. Do you really treat the voters that low? It was the people of Canada who put Harper into office, and until the Liberals stop being so arrogant, they will never accomplish anything again.

Go Layton!

Who was in power for 12 years? You guys were the ones that lost, not the NDP.


So do you support withdarwaing our troops or not thats the issue.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for pointing this out. What in hell are the NDP thinking? My husband came home on the VIA rail from work yesterday and sat across a soldier heading for Trenton and then directly to Khandahar (I live in Northumberland County). My husband was chit chatting with the soldier (from the Princess Pats) and he said that they were well equipped (relief). He also told my husand that the equipment (rifles, water, etc.) weighed 160 lbs. This was his second trip and he felt proud of Canada's mission there and felt it was worth while. I really have to wonder what Layton understands about these issues. $100? That's very suspicious to me.

Also, while I'm here - our Conservative MP has sent out another (polling) questionnaire asking about the views of the local people on the Afghanistan mission. Interesting, NONE were sent to the Trenton area.

Harper says he doesn't pay attention to polls and yet, around here anyway, we are constantly be polled by his government. The last one was on SSM.

Jeff said...

Eugene, while the second sentance of my post may provide some clue as to my feelings on that topic, that is not the point of this post. The NDP's fundraising note was.

BTW though, read your post and thanks for the link. I'm glad to see the progressive community is so open to debate and differing opinions that those that don't support an unilateral and immediate withdrawl are labelled "pro-war dweebs."

Is that the "progressive" version of the "with us or you're with the terrorists, support our troops or you're not a patriot" black and white mentality of the American right?

Jay said...

Laytons become rather nauseating as of late. He spends all summer canoeing and then comes back making a grandiose announcment in order to solicit donations. My. Layton it does not cost money to make your point in parliment. Whats the $100 for, we all know you are never gonna be PM.

The mission should not have been extended to 2009 but thats what we have. Unfortunately a stupid mans decision is keeping them there but if we pull out its not Harper getting the bad name when Afganistan erupts in chaos it will be Canadians and even though we turned our back on peace keeping at least we could do is keep our word.

Layton choose to help Harper so not much use for the NDP to whine about what the brought upon us all. Damn hippies.

Anonymous said...

Anyone notice how Layton's always "demanding" things?

Has he forgotten the homeless now? He hasn't brought up the fact that Harper is cutting funding for the homeless, but I guess that wouldn't get enough headlines for this ego-maniac.

I hate this rhetoric/spin shit about supporting out troops - like everyone doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't raise a stink about the $100 donation request tagged onto the newsletter, as noted its standard fare. I sure hope the Grits are making sure their supporters know the policy and party views, and are reminding members about the need for cash to continue the job of being in opposition.
But its important to grill him on this idea, which has neither the breadth nor consistency that Kennedy's plan has. It is a viable response to 'What should our troops be doing?' but it is typical daisy-in-the-rifle stuff.
And yes, the NDP helped put Harpor in power by running their election smack dab against the Liberals. Perhaps it was the turn-about for having ran the previous election on 'He's scary, so lend us your votes' '04 campaign. However, the end cost was No Kyoto, No Kelowna, No Daycare and Now the end to gov't interest in multiculturalism and Status of women issues. Way to go Jack!

Jeff said...

Burl, the thing is though this wasn't tacked onto the bottom of a newsletter. The screenshot I posted is the whole e-mail. The e-mail was purely and soley a fundraising solicitation. I'm on the general NDP mailing list, and this was the first and, so far, only notice they've sent out on Layton's policy announcement, and they did it in the form of a fundraising pitch. The green cammo background was a nice touch I thought.

Anonymous said...

This is good news for the Liberals. Canadians may not like what is happening in Afghanistan and may want more debate, but the polls are skewered by a stronger opposition in Quebec which will not vote NDP anyway.

I think Jack is trying to out-Kennedy on the "what Canada is doing in Afghanistan is bad" side of thing. It's sort of like Jack read Kennedy's "foreign affairs policy" and sort of said:

"You think you can out NDP an NDPer?!?! Well I'll just take your 'all of the multilateral forces behind the UN approved NATO campaign must agree to change the NATO mission the way I want or we're gone' and raise you one 'immediate pull-out'! So there."

bza said...

Typical Liberal arrogance. Especially since your asking money for Dion's 'revolution'?

Why does Dion need money for his revolution then? How is asking money for revolutions different from Layton? Tisk, tisk, you should really remove that donation link on your blog. Especially if Dion isn't planning to form militias. Shaaame!

Jeff said...

Bza, I find it hard to seriously believe you can't see the difference. Is it excessive partisanship that is blinding you, or just willfull ignorance?

I hesitate to take such trolling seriously, but just in case you are legitimately confused I'll elaborate. Jack saying hey, send me money, that's cool. Jack saying hey, send me money so our soldiers stop getting killed and can come home, that's disgusting.


So did you send Jack a hundred bucks to help bring our troops home or not? Or are ya gonna spend it on another Liberal war?

Jeff said...

Tell me Eugene, how is Jack going to use my $100 to bring the troops home? Is he going to charter an airplane? Buy them tickets on Air Canada? Or maybe there's some new speaking fee in the HoC I haven't heard of, $1000 per question in QP?

BTW, nice continued use of the "with us or with the terrorists" style of debating, your idol Karl Rove will be proud.

Erik said...

It's time to bring the troops home. We've all had enough.

If it takes a similar black-white approach to get the right principles accross, so be it.

Conservatives have used this tactic, and see where they are now; Georgio is in the White House and we've got our own Steve to deal with.

It's time to wake up.

ricky said...

This post is comparing apples and oranges. And some of these comments are out to lunch. Take this one..

Tell me Eugene, how is Jack going to use my $100 to bring the troops home? Is he going to charter an airplane? Buy them tickets on Air Canada? Or maybe there's some new speaking fee in the HoC I haven't heard of, $1000 per question in QP?

Now who is blinded by extreme partisanship. More of my own partisanship here