Friday, August 25, 2006

What they’re blogging about instead of Kenney, Day and terrorists

Just for fun, I thought I’d take a look at what some of your “top drawer” Blogging Torries have been blogging about instead of, and apparently consider more important than, the links that the Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, Stockwell Day, and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jason Kenney, have to a banned terrorist group. Call it your Friday smile.

Small Dead Animals

Nothing on the Conservative government’s terrorist loving twosome. Kate does find the time to oh so cleverly call women that don’t support her views on women’s rights pigs as part of a screed on the Conservative blosphere’s crusade to eliminate the Status of Women…agency (emphasis mine):

It isn't just "social conservatives" who want the "Harper government to axe Status of Women Canada" and marginalizing their critics in such a manner is disingenuous - at best. Had you bothered to report on who and what SOW spends our taxdollars on, those fearful squeals from feminists might have been placed in the appropriate context.

Clever and classy. But then, she did coin the term Liberanos.

Stephen Taylor

Well, the Blogging Tory grand poobah has been taking it easy since his victory over the forces of evil, aka the CBC, so he’s only had time to post a YouTube video and do some housekeeping lately. I’m sure that any day now though he’ll turn those fine journalism skills he employed on the Borys/Hubert affair to cleaning up the rot in his own party. Any day now. (Love those colourful boxes, btw).

Steve Janke

Besides leading the crusade against the Status of Women, what else is the angry man up to? Well, one thing he’s not up to is wondering why Kenney and Day are so chummy with banned supporters of terrorism. What has he found worthy of his posting time? Well, apparently he’s shocked to learn that, at the recent Liberal caucus meeting, people had different opinions on stuff and they, like, talked about it. Sounds crazy, I know, to a member of the Harper Way or the Highway party. Democracy can be messy. Scroll down, still no terrorists, but if you want the latest on the guy accused of committing a murder in the U.S. some years ago, look no further.

UPDATE: For the record, Janke has finally weighed in with a piece of silly spin that absolves Kennney of any responsibility (he's just stupid and ignorant, it was an unnamed staffer's fault), attempts to shift the blame to the Liberals, and completly ignores the role of Stockwell Day, the Minister responsible for this stuff, who is also knee deep (probably because that would negate his attempted anti-Liberal counterspin). Now we know why the Conservative spin machine was silent for so long: they've been furiously digging for something, anything they can use to shift the spotlight off of them. Accountability if necessary, but not necesarily accountability, that's the Conservative motto.

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Anonymous said...

I thought I’d take a look at what some of your “top drawer” Blogging Torries...

I call them "pick of the litter."

Saskboy said...

Meanwhile in the States, a cartoon suggests that racial profiling is the way to end airline terrorism.

D said...

'"...and the Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, Jason 'Nelson Mandela is a terrorist' Kenney,"

It was Rob Anders that said Nelson Mandela is a terrorist, not Jason Kenny. Not like it makes a real whole lot of difference...

But I thought that it's better you hear it from me than some nut on the Blogging ReformaTories.

Jeff said...

Crap, thanks Dylan. And my apologies to Jason Kenny for besmirching his sterling reputation. In my defence, it's hard to keep the nutbar Con MPs seperate sometimes. :)

Anonymous said...

The wankers are going after women, is what. Terrorists are so yesterday...

gimbol said...

Alan Tonks’ Letter to Minister of Canada's Foreign Affairs

- In a letter addressed to the Honorable Peter MacKay, Minister of Canada's Foreign Affairs, Mr. Alan Tonks, M.P. of the House Commons asked the foreign ministry to put its weight behind an investigation in to the water pipeline explosion which left Ashraf residents and other surrounding villages without water for over a week during Iraq's hot summer days.
Mr. Alan Tonks wrote: It has come to my attention … that the Iranian government may have been involved in the illegal and inhumane destruction of a water pipeline in the Iraq-Iran border region…
It is alleged that the theocratic Iranian regime attacked the pipelines in order to disrupt the Water supply of an internationally recognized and protected Iranian resistance group known as the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran. The PMOI, currently seeking refuge in Iraq, have long been advocates for democratic reforms in Iran.
I would ask you, as Minister of Foreign Affairs, to use the full weight of the ministry to investigate this matter. If these allegations are proven to be true, I would expect you to condemn in the strongest possible terms the actions of the Iranian government which violate the Fourth Geneva Convention regarding “protected persons”.
Members of the PMOI are sheltered by international conventions and should be respected by lawful governments. I would urge you to intervene in this matter.

Anonymous said...


Steve Janke does have somthing on this.

Have a good day

Jeff said...

Thanks for the link Jdot, wasn't up yet when I made the post.