Friday, September 22, 2006

Access for sale! Access for sale!

Having trouble getting the attention of Canada's New Government? Can't afford to hire one of the many former Conservative staffers turned lobbyists? Well, if you've got $125, you're in luck.

Sean Holman at Public Eye Online reports the Conservative riding association in Langley is offering local businesspeople access to International Trade Minister David Emerson and Langley MP Mark Warawa for the low, low price of $125/head.

What do you get for your money (tax deductible, surely?-ed)? In addition to a buffet dinner and the chance to meet Emerson, local business owners will also be able to set-up a display table to advertise their business.

It's all part of a Conservative fundraiser called Langley Expo 2006: A Langley Trade Showcase.

Given the very strict rules around fundraising and cabinet ministers that are now part of the fundraising laws, I'd be very interested in learning how this very interesting, and shameless, event passes the scrutiny. Perhaos some of David's contituents who have been wanting to their MIA MP about his turncoat routine can pool their pennies so one of them can attend.

Here's the invite via Public Eye, who has much more on the story:


The Langley Conservative Party of Canada Electoral District Association invites you to be a part of

Langley Expo 2006

A Langley trade showcase

Langley Expo will feature an "All Things Langley" display of local products for Minister of International Trade and the 2010 Olympics, the Honourable David Emerson, as well as an exotic buffet dinner featuring food produced in Langley, including ostrich, chicken, salmon, pork tenderloin and wine! Join the fun and see the Langley featured exhibits, as well as door prizes, 50/50 draw, raffles and entertainment!

Don't miss out on your exclusive opportunity to showcase your company's products or services with the Trade Minister! You will also receive valuable information on how to make your business profit from the 2010 Olympic event. Book your table now!

Saturday, October 7th, 2006
at the Coast Hotel and Convention Centre
20393 Fraser Highway, Langley, BC
6PM - 11 PM Cocktails and Reception at 6 PM (No Host bar)

Featured Speakers: Hon. David Emerson, Minister of International Trade, Minister for the Pacific Gateway and the 2010 Olympics.

MP Mark Warawa, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Environment

Tickets $125


Langley Conservative EDA Dinner with MPs David Emerson and Mark Warawa

On October 7, 2006, the Langley EDA of the Conservative Party of Canada is hosting a fundraising dinner at the Coast Casino Hotel in Langley from 6:00 to 11:00 pm. Our guest speaker is Honourable David Emerson, Canada's Minister for International Trade and the 2010 Olympics. You are cordially invited to attend.

This is a tremendous opportunity for you as a Langley business person to meet David Emerson and his staff, discover new business opportunities, make new business contacts, and show what Langley has to offer the rest of Canada and the world. Because we are inviting participating business owners to set up displays, it is also a tremendous opportunity to promote your business and to see what other businesses in Langley have to offer, and to find out how your business can benefit from the 2010 Olympic Games. Langley business leaders have been waiting for this opportunity.

The theme of the dinner is "LANGLEY EXPO 2006". The menu will feature "ALL THINGS LANGLEY", that is, foods and beverages grown, raised or brewed right here in Langley (did you know there was a brewery and an ostrich farm here?). There will be displays form various businesses in Langley and lots of door prizes and surprises. We will also be hosting a VIP reception for invited guests to get "up close and personal" with the Minister, his staff, Langley MP Mark Warawa, other MPs, and local provincial and municipal politicians.

The cost per ticket is $125 per person. To purchase a ticket, contact Ryan Warawa at or 604-831-7309.


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Anonymous said...

Modelled after 'les amis de Brian'?

Anonymous said...

Don't get upset now - Jason Kenney will say it's the Liberals' fault. You see, it's the Liberals' fault that the no longer new Canadian government are crooks, just ask Jason Kenney.

The Rat said...

Two words: Laurier Club

And one more: Hypocrite

Anonymous said...

I don't get it - this is a fund raiser just like hundreds or even thousands of fund raisers across the country at all levels of government.

You pay for a dinner and a portion of the fee is considered a tax deductible political donation IF the funds are going to the political party .

However, in this case it loolks like a fundraiser for the Langley Group and Emmerson is the guest speaker - not the recipient of the fundraising.

You get a chance to network with other businesses and showcase your own business. You get a speech from Emmerson on opportunties for businesses during the Olympics.

Are you, somehow saying that events based fund raisers are suspect? Should be banned maybe? This is the most honest up front transparent kind of fundraising there is for all kinds of charities and groups including political parties.

What exactly is your point????

Lolly said...

Where in lays the problem is that it is using a Cabinet Minister to raise funds whereas Bill C24 prohibits that a Cabinet Minister can not be in the same room where money is being donated to a political party. That is what we Liberals were told when it came to inviting Ministers of the Crown to LPC Fundraisers, The then CPC did not have to worry because they did not have anyone in Cabinet, now that the roles have reversed though I wonder about the legitimacy of this under the eyes of our Electoral Officer who has recently made criticisms of the CPC fundraising methods.
Is this the point you were making A BCer?

Anonymous said...

But - this is for "access" to Emerson.

Like I'd pay a penny to have access to this piece of slime, but fundraiser relating to access???

Anonymous said...

This should be brought to the attention of the Chief Electoral Officer and fast.