Thursday, September 14, 2006

Beauty and the Beast?

Maybe someone was upset at all the Peter McKay and Condoleezza Rice budding romance stories that have been all over the media these past few days. But tonight, the Toronto CTV affiliate ran an item on a rumored romantic connection between Peter’s ex, Belinda Stronach, and Toronto Maple Leafs tough-guy Tie Domi.

Apparently, the two have been spotted getting their grove on together at a concert, and sharing a table with Brad Pitt at a recent Toronto International Film Festival-related party. No reports of public canoodling, but CTV reported Domi has told his friends "and associates" that he and Stronach are “dating.”

It’s not clear he ran that story past Stronach though, or maybe she’s just playing coy, but when a CTV reporter caught up with Stronach to ask her about the rumours, she strongly denied she and Domi were anything more than “just friends.” Ouch, Tie. Maybe he was hoping for more, but it looks like Domi as a one-way ticket for Friendsville.

Anyway, Stronach and Domi? I don’t think Peter will be losing any sleep over that one.

And thus ends my gossip column for today.

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Anonymous said...

It's true. I had it confirmed from a very reliable source about three weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

No matter how hard Peter the Scank tries, Belinda will always have more celebrity power than he does and she is much more discreet. Peter needs to grow up - he's not exactly international playboy material.

Manitoba Liberal said...

I fail to see why only Belinda's sex life should warrent media attention.

I demand gossip on other single Liberal backbenchers!

BW said...
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Anonymous said...

Does it really matter? Both MacKay and Belinda will be into their next new relationships within a few months anyway.

The funniest thing I heard a few months ago was that Rona is the light of Harper's eye - c'mon, even she wouldn't be that bad off.

BW said...

Imagine what Domi's wife thinks.

Anonymous said...

Domi and his wife have been separated since 2005.

Since PM Boss gives all the orders, you don't suppose MacKay, aka Crocodile Dumbdee, was told to smooze a little to keep the White House happy?

C'mon she can do better than that.