Monday, September 04, 2006

A softwood primer

Tomorrow I'll have a post on how Stephen Harper's softwood sellout is even worse then you think, with the story of a small value-added manufacturer from the Comox Valley that has seen a once lucrative business to the U.S. evaporate since this trade dispute began. And once this sellout is in place, the U.S. market will be closed to him even more firmly than it is today.

But first, on this last semi-official day of summer I invite you to to view this softwood lumber dispute primer from Rick Mercer of the Mercer Report: Everything You Need To Know About Softwood, But Were Afraid To Ask. With humour and wit, Rick lays out a complicated issue in a way we can all understand.

And understanding it makes Steve's billion dollar surrender all the more disgusting.

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Karen said...

I don't know if you listen to CBC radio, but given your topic, I think it might stand you in good stead to try and grab a, As It Happens, transcript. Specifically, Elliott Feldman's interview with Carol Off. He's a US trade lawyer, warning Canada...this is a bad deal.

Jeff said...

I'm not a CBC radio listener, but I'll see if there's anything online in the morning. Nice to hear there are some honest voices on this subject in the U.S. Frankly, something we never did a good job of in this dispute was making allies south of the border. The home building industry in particular would/should have been onside with us.

Jeff said...

Speaking of Feldman, he also wrote this piece in The Tyee: