Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Cead Mile Failte

Sometimes I really like my job. Not that I don't like it usually (hi boss!). But one week from today I'll be boarding a plane for Dublin and I couldn't be more looking forward to it.

I travel fairly regularly for work (Orlando and New York last month, Anahiem just after Dublin this month) but this will be my first work-trip outside North America. And since I'm one quarter Irish (I like to say it's the biggest quarter) this is particularly cool for me.

I have been to Ireland before. I was an Air Force brat growing up and we were stationed in Baden, Germany for four years (1986-1990). One summer, when I was maybe 10, we hopped in the Westphalia and drove as quickly as we could across France, boarded a ferry over to the white cliffs of Dover (didn't see any bluebirds over) and drove across England to Wales, catching another ferry for a very bumpy ride across a rough Irish Sea to Dublin. My father's family lived in Birr, and we spent a few days meeting them before heading off to see the rest of the country, including the obligatory kissing of the Blarney Stone (got me where I am today, I'm sure).

This will be just a quick trip, travel aside there's two days of conferences/work stuff and one day on my own to explore. So I'm looking for ideas. If you had one day to spend in Dublin, what would you do? Keep in mind I'm not a beer drinker, so a blotto-faced pub crawl is probably out. :)

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Red Tory said...

Hit the National Museum (if you’re into art) and then “Dublin’s Viking Adventure.”

Anonymous said...

I hope you realize what all the locals do to the Blarney Stone at night when the tourists have gone... Say hi to bono and the edge for me

Jeff said...

Can't say I'm a big art fan, I could tell you a story about getting to the Louvre 30 mins before closing and sprinting past Picasos to find the Mona Lisa. Actually, that's the story. The viking thing sounds cool, but weren't they Scandanavian?

Dude, that's just gross. I won't be making it to Blarney Castle this time. Still gross though. Hopefully I won't now lose my gift of gab.

Trinity College sounds cool, I definiely want to check that out.