Monday, October 23, 2006

On high school romances...

…you know Helena, I'm tired of hearing about high school romances gone wrong too. So, why don't you do us all a favour? Go tell Peter to stop being such a baby. Where's Elmer to give him a thump on the back of the head? Yeah, Peter, so Belinda dumped you. Stop moping around Parliament like a pansy, giving her cold looks in the elevator and making snide comments in the House of Commons. Be a man. We know you said it. You know you said it. We've got audio, for Pete(r)'s sake. Be a man, McKay. Say you're sorry, get over it, and start acting like a grown-up. Helena is right. This isn't high school. You're not on the rugby team and Belinda isn't the cheerleader that dumped you for the quarterback, or whatever the hell it is in rugby. You're (shudder) Canada's Minister of Foreign Affairs. Act like it dude.

Is Peter sexist? I doubt it, although when viewed alongside the "stick to your knitting" remark to Alexa McDonough and other incidents it isn't hard to see a pattern. Really though, I think he's just a jerk, and an adolescent one at that. For some people, it seems high school never ended.

Run Condi. Run far away.

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Olaf said...

Why do people insist on bringing this up?

although when viewed alongside the "stick to your knitting" remark to Alexa McDonough

MacKay told her to "stick to your knitting and win your own riding". "That's not a sexist reference is it?" McDonough, the veteran politician, shot right back. No, Alexa, it wasn't. The term stick to your knitting is a not-so-common but sometimes used idiom meaning "mind your own business" or "stick to what you know", which applies perfectly in the context, and far better than "you don't know anything you're just a girl... and win your own riding"(???)

Also, which other incidents of quasi-sexism are you referring to?

However, I agree completely with your overall point that he should suck it up and act like an adult.

petroom said...

Mackay is a complete ass. You don't need to go much further than his behaviour with Orchard and Clark.

He deserves no pity. Well, maybe pity in general for who he has become.

At the moment he represents a whole swathe of office boys who think it's OK to make sexist remarks when there are no women in the room.

Jeff said...

Olaf, I know this debate went on at your site, I probably won't be add to any arguments there that didn't convince you. It sounds sexist to me, I'll leave it at that.