Sunday, October 15, 2006

The third distillation makes the difference

I’m back from Ireland, but I’m only in Toronto for a day. Sunday evening I’m flying to Anaheim for another conference, so unfortunately I’ll be missing today’s Liberal leadership debates in Toronto. But on the plus side, after this trip I'll have enough aeroplan miles to reach prestige status next year.

And it's not likely I'll likely to be missing much, and, from my readings around the blogsphere this morning, it doesn’t seem like I missed much while I was away either. Delegate results in British Columbia are still very much up in the air, the frontrunner stepped on another verbal landmine with everyone quick to pounce, and the Conservatives are still you know whats. Oh, and Bob Rae went skinny-dipping.

Meanwhile, over in Ireland, I visited many a pub in Dublin fair city (more photos here). We also toured the Old Jameson Distillery, producers of fine Irish whiskey, although not actually there, the actual plant is now in Cork. It was rather educational. For example, did you know that most American whiskeys are only distilled once, Scotch twice, but Irish whiskey is distilled three times.

That’s what they say makes it exceptionally smooth. While I’m not normally a whiskey drinker, I have to say this stuff tasted pretty decent, and smoother than the rye I’ll sometimes have with my ginger ale or cola. Apparently the third round of distillation really does make a difference. I’m sure there’s a metaphor for the Liberal leadership race in there somewhere, but I’ll leave it to you to find it and how it makes a better case for a Dion vote.

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Altavistagoogle said...

I'd have to drink a lot of Irish whiskey to vote for Dion.

Robert said...

Mmmmm... might be time for more spinning.

Have another good trip; no doubt you'll be able to read several different versions of todays debate at your leisure when you return.

BW said...

With the exception of getting to check in at the Gold desk, Prestige isn't worth much Jeff. You get a bunch of upgrade passes you'll never be able to lose.

Maybe this should be an issue for today's Leadership debate?

Jeff said...

Thanks Robert. And Bob, maybe it should be. But since there aren't usually kiosks in the US, being able to use the executive check-in will be a time saver. And I'm interested in having the chance to peak beyond the door of the Maple Leaf Lounge, if only a few times.