Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Guest blogger: Pierre Trudeau

Hello my fellow Liberals, and others. First of all, I'd like to thank Jeff for contacting me with his weejee board and giving me this opportunity to share my thoughts on the current Liberal leadership race with you from beyond the grave.

Its swell up here, no bleeding hearts to be seen. They're down bleeding somewhere else and let them bleed, I say. Fuddle duddle, and so forth.

I wanted to talk to you today though about the Liberal leadership race. First of all, dude, why has this thing been dragging on so long? This race should have been way shorter. But that's not my main concern.

Here's my plea: enough with talking about me all the bloody time! I know I was the best PM and Liberal leader like, ever, but that was years ago. I've been dead for six freakin years!

Stop living in the past guys. Sure, it's a bit flattering, yeah. Which candidate is the most like me, who would I support were I not dead, why isn't there someone like me in the race, who's the next me, who would look best in a top-hat and tails or win a pirouette contest, yada yada, whatever.

When I ran for the leadership no one was asking who was the most like Mackenzie King (wasn't Bob Winters, I tell you what) now were they? It's tiring. Besides, truth be told, I never really liked most of you people anyway.

Who would I support*? Well, I know who, but just watch me not tell you. Why do you care? I'm dead, dude. Make up your own mind. Who cares which candidate newspaper pundits, columnist and bloggers think is the most like me?

Talk to the candidates, examine their platforms and make your own choices. And for god's sake, leave me out of it. The big guy has been getting on my back about the whole worshiping of false idols thing, and I really need his vote on the condo board to fend off Ghandi's complaint about my new Jacuzzi.


Right Honourable Joseph Phillipe Pierre Yves Elliot Trudeau, PC, CC, CH, QC, MA, LLD, FRSC

It's so totally Dion, he's like my twin brother. It's freaky.

P.S. Voting for the Canadian Blog Awards is now open and while the dead can't vote, you can. You can vote once a day, and BCer in Toronto is up for best new blog, best progressive blog and best blog. I, Pierre E. Trudeau, think he is the blogger most like me, in this nation or any nation, and I heartily encourage you to vote for him early and often.

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A View From The Left said...

That's by far the funniest thing I've read in a long time. Well done.

Ted Betts said...

As usual, trying to knock some sense into the rest of us with a good wallop of funny.

Jeff said...

Thanks view. And not me, Ted, it was PET...

Penelope Persons said...

Good point, BCer...

Mike Pearson was actually the best Liberal PM....but I wouldn't expect PET to admit it!

BTW, aren't you glad you aren't in Vancouver right now? Ya can't shovel snow, it's true, so some people are shovelling out their basements instead and hauling trees off the roads!

Steve V said...


That was hilarious :)