Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Iggy's not jiggy with it

I hesitate to write another Michael Ignatieff post again so soon, but this was just too amusing to pass up. And it's really not personal. I'll try to make fun of Gerard and Bob real soon. But in his television column in the Globe today, John Doyle writes on how ours has become a satire friendly culture, and he offers this passage:

This surge in satire is bad news for some people. Michael Ignatieff went to see Borat the other day and, like the pompous ass he often appears to be, took the time to tell a reporter that he found the film "amazingly awful" and "vulgar." This, we all note, is a movie that millions of Canadians think is hilarious. A man who cannot understand the appeal of Borat cannot understand Canada or the contemporary culture. Iggy's not jiggy with the times.

Interesting premise. Tad harsh. Grain of truth? I don't know. But I do ask – nay, demand -- that all the leadership candidates to immediately release statements on the Borat issue: did they see the movie? Do they think it's funny or not?

You have 24 hours. This message will self destruct.

I've seen Borat, and found it amusing. I can also see how it may not be everyone's cup of tea. If you've seen the trailers though you know what you're getting into.

So I wonder, did Iggy not know what he was getting when he decided to go see Borat? I mean, what was he expecting? Actual cultural learnings for make benefit the glorious nation of Kazakhstan?

P.P.S. How could no one have made the Iggy/Jiggy link before? It's genius.

P.P.P.S. In the interests of fairness, if the Ignatieff campaign wishes to clarify their candidate's remarks vis a vis Borat, his cultural learnings and his appeal to Canadians and contemporary culture, I'd be happy to publish said clarification.

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DivaRachel said...

I really really really hate to somewhat agree with Iggy, but I found the movie to be a waste of my time. there were a total of about 10 minutes of brilliance in between 90min of smut. IMHO.

I'm glad I passed as a "student" (di$count) to see it, but I wish I'd have read a book instead.

Borat = waste of itme.

Anonymous said...

I have to say I agree with Iggy. Personally, it was no better than a 14 year old level of humour. Reminds me of when 8 year old fart and laugh at each other.

I think it's been done before at some time and is really nothing new, but hey, the advertisers and media have given it such publicity.

Ted Betts said...

What I have come to find pretty amusing is how for pundits like John Doyle (and Paul Wells and so many others) who don't like Ignatieff in the first place... every instance of the most inane issue is yet another example of Ignatieff's disconnect with Canada because he's been away.

It's a bit of a lazy critique.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes when any, even remotely negative story, appears about Michael Ignatieff you can always be sure that along will come cerberus to kiss Iggy's ass and tell us all that it smells like a rose. You can set your watch at how quickly cerberus huffs and puffs to the scene.

Anonymous said...

Cerberus has no problem posting comments from these pundits whom he critices today whenever they write or say anything that is in the slightest bit positive about his favorite boy Iggy.

I can imagine cerberus at home lounging in his too tight I heart Iggy T-shirt fantasizing about a prime minister Ignatieff and salivating at the thought of another round of constitutional negotiations.

"I love you Iggy" cerberus said to no one in particular. I LOVE IGGY.

Jeff said...

I'm not sure Doyle is a pundit, he's a tv reviewer. I also got the impression he was making more of a class distinction then a comment on the Iggster's travels.

In fairness, I couldn't picture Paul Martin going to see Borat either. Chretien? Maybe.

Anyway, I still don't get why Mi went to go see Borat in the first place anyway? It makes it rich that he was then so offended. I mean, what did he expect to see? It's like going to see Rambo and then complaining about the violence.

Anonymous said...

C'mon what a stupid statement. You can't criticize until you've seen it. Why would he have to explain or apologize for seeing it - perhaps he's one who keeps up-to-date on what's going on.

Jeff said...

Gee, the anonyimi seem to like calling people stupid. Reminds me why I once didn't allow anonymous duddy-head comments.

Anyway, yes, he couldn't criticize it without seeing it. So, assuming he didn't go see it just so he could criticize it, which would be silly, my point is just he should not have been surprised the movie was vulgar and gross. The previews, trailers and swathes of media coverage made it abundantly clear this wasn't Sergey Eisenstien.

Anyway, the point was tagential at best.

Ted Betts said...

Wow. I've got my own "I hate Cerberus" crowd following me around. Do I ever feel... what's the word... like people are wasting their time?

Funny how they ignore the various criticisms I've made of Iggy, but what the heck, all is fair and anything goes in love, war and politics. Even making a big deal about what a pundit/tv reviewer thinks of Ignatieff becomes fodder for more criticism.

Anonymous said...

Today's shameless lie: Cerberus says that he has criticized Ignatieff. Hahahahaahahahahaha.



The reality is that cerberus cricizes Rae like it is a bodily function for him.

I suspect that cerberus would be unable to get a good night's sleep until he's thought of how he could hoof Rae in the testes the next day on his flog -- that's right not blog -- but his Iggy flog.

If cerberus were to ever say a kind work about Rae he would promptly call up his master Iggy and beg for forgiveness.

"Sorry Michael I have have sinned" he would sob.

Anonymous said...

Cerberus ya, you laud Ignatieff. So what.
This whole Borat thing is funny. And open for ahmm...comments ala this thread. Hehehe, I laughed.

But I agree with what Iggy said recently, he's made the race exciting! Indeed. Indeed. No matter WHAT he says, people are interested and talking and following his EVERY word! Wow it's been a grand episode of 'when the dead awaken', and they have ;)

Liberal Woman & Iggy supporter going to Montreal

ps ahm.. as a woman in film.. I ask - why did Iggy not try to see a Canadian film? Answer, all the American screens that permeate and control Toronto probably weren't showing any.... .....grrrrrr.....

BW said...

All you Puritans! Isn't it possible that Iggy could have seen the movie and offered up his comments -- "amazingly awful" and "vulgar" -- as being positive? As in, it was awful but I loved it?
And really. . . what did you expect him to say? I mean, if he comes out and says he loved it, he'd get roasted.

Ted Betts said...

If cerberus were to ever say a kind work about Rae he would promptly call up his master Iggy and beg for forgiveness.

Then I must have spent a lot of time on my knees asking for forgiveness:

- "I have also made clear that I think he has the best retail political skills and an innate sense of the political jugular and diplomacy.": http://canadiancerberus.blogspot.com/2006/10/ignatieff-rae-diplomacy-and-war-crimes.html

- "I have also praised him for breaking out of his frontrunner style campaign of not saying much and avoiding controversies and being perhaps the strongest and clearest among the Liberal leaders in his unequivocal support for Israel.": http://canadiancerberus.blogspot.com/2006/10/ignatieff-rae-diplomacy-and-war-crimes.html

- "In my view, Ignatieff did not show that diplomacy yesterday. Bob Rae did. As Rae aptly put it, the comments were "unwise".": http://canadiancerberus.blogspot.com/2006/10/ignatieff-rae-diplomacy-and-war-crimes.html

- "like it or not, he is a good leader, a great speaker, an excellent retail and wholesale politician and a very impressive person one-on-one. Even if he doesn’t win the leadership (my guess: he won’t), the Liberals need that kind of fundraising power to renew the party coffers. So good for him. He has done well and should be pleased: clearly a lot of people want him to be PM.": http://canadiancerberus.blogspot.com/2006/08/liberal-leadership-fundraising-and.html

- "Bob Rae : A+ He masters the French language like few other Ontario politicians do. He is a francophile and his grammar is very good. His French is much better than Stephen Harper's.": http://canadiancerberus.blogspot.com/2006/05/how-important-is-bilingualism-in-prime.html

- "Rae, like Brison and Bevilacqua, came out swinging. He's clearly got the campaign juices going and has been through this before. Made the most of his 3 minutes with a focus on Harper, Kelowna, budget. We are already in the next election campaign and have to think that way, says he. Education will be his thing but I'd like to hear more. A lot of good attacks on Harper but not much in the way of what his priorities will be. He would tear Harper apart and it would be fun to watch, and he may be able to be the first past the post at the convention (after several rounds of ballots).": http://canadiancerberus.blogspot.com/2006/05/lpco-agm.html

I hate having to make complete fools of my critics, but there you go. After a very short and quick search of my archives.

Have I been critical? Of course. I don't think he's our best candidate and I think he is the opposite of what party renewal really needs right now. But only Bob Rae supporters think he should be immune from any criticism at all.

If I have the time and feel like it, I'll track down some of the criticisms I've made of Ignatieff on the Qana comments, the communications over his vacation and others.

I'm not saying I'm not biased, but let's have ourselves a little dose of reality shall we?


Jeff said...

Wow, lots of great material for my post tomorrow: Cerberus hearts Bob Rae 4eva.

But seriously, don't feed the trolls Ted, it just whets their appetites. Don't pay attention until they're willing to put their names, or atleast an alias, behind it.

Anonymous said...

Problem is cerberus these links are really just throw away compliments. They are really not indicative of the Rae smear job you call your blog. Your protestions remind me of Bill O'Reilly, the foul mouthed conservative, who likes to point out that he doesn't support capital punishment as proof of his independence, as if that immunizes him from the conservative label.

Likewise with you cerberus don't think that a few kind words for Rae written in passing will imunize you from the fact that you are an irrationally loyal ass kissing Iggy man, mentally hardwired to spread distortions and half-truths about Bob Rae.

You take your talking points from the Iggy campaign word for word and spin them as if they are your own. Once must read your posts with truckloads full of salt.

Ted Betts said...

You're right, Jeff.

Lost my mind for a second.

I wonder if any of the brave anonymous trolls will come back now that I've pointed out how ridiculous their claims are.

My guess: not.

Anonymous said...

I am back and you haven't proven anything. Only in your mind cerberus do you consider yourself some kind of Fox news to the blogosphere where you consider yourself to be fair and balanced.

Why don't you admit that you are an Iggy. Your Joe Friday "just the facts" schtick is old and tiresome.

Problem is that your dog Iggy won't hunt.

Ted Betts said...


Maybe you could send me an email if any of them come back and comment.

In fact, call me immediately if any of them show enough cojones to put their name behind their comments.

Anonymous said...

It strikes me that If Iggy is such a pompous intellectual (probably accurate), then the comments of "amazingly awful" and "vulgar" should not necessarily be given negative connotations. He seems to be suggesting that SBC's portrayal of the awful was "amazing", and the manner in which the film conveyed its message was not high- brow, but "vulgar". Sounds pretty much accurate to me.

Anonymous said...

Gosh, Cerberus has the nerve to be positive about the candidate he supports - he should be whipped for this.

It's OK that other bloggers/supporters pump up their candidate.

At least Cerberus and BCer make intelligent points against the candidates they don't support - the others simply trash and bash over issues that are the same - over and over and over again.

Anonymous said...

No cerberus doesn't just write postive things about Ignatieff he positively gushes about the man; as if he has a crush on him.

Anonymous said...

Borat was the WORST film I've ever seen. I could live without the image of him crapping and masterbating in the middle of New York City. The image of two ugly naked men wrestling in a hotel room is forever etched in my mind. The film was insulting to anyone with intelligence or dignity.

Since when are rape, incest, beastiality, sodomy & abortion laughing matters? If any American father showed a photograph of his son's penis in public or on film, he would be put in jail for child pornography. Yet Borat supposedly exposes his "son's" nudity and we all laugh and point? What's wrong with this picture??

Black women are portrayed as whores, Americans are portrayed as drunks, bigots, religious fanatics. Jews are highly disrespected in this film. Russian citizens are misrepresented as being ignorant, incestuous people. Women are only referenced as sexual objects.

Borat crosses the line between borderline humor and outright vomitous material. The fact that this film was a hit reflects just how low our entertainment standards have fallen.

Simon Pole said...

Iggy has a history of putting down pop culture icons -- he just can't help himself. Here's what he said about a certain Ms. Ciccone:

"I don't mind that I see her face on every magazine cover; I certainly don't mind that she is obscene; I don't even mind that she can't sing, can't dance, can't act and is nonetheless the most famous person on the planet. What I can't stand about Madonna is that she thinks she's an artist."

(From the Valpy G&M article).

Ignatieff is too eltist to be elected in ANY country, let alone in Canada. Certain not in the US, or even in the UK, where even the Tory politicians have to do the mandatory photo op with a pint at the pub.