Thursday, November 30, 2006

LPC Day One in photos

Myself and Scott Tribe from Progressive Bloggers guard the door. They're hiring security tomorrow.

Hanging-out in the bloggers room with Miranda from A View from the Left and John from The John Lennard Experience.

The convention centre is a very colourful sight after dark.

Jean Lapierre, Anne McLellan and an unknown person chit chat in the CTV booth.

Dion and Ignatieff supporters go face to face in a chant contest. I have two possible jokey comments here and I couldn't choose so I'll post them both:
1) The Dion leader informed the Iggy leader "this is not a cheerocracy!"
2) Right after this, both groups starting staring at each other menacingly, moving in synch, snapping their fingers and singing showtunes.

Don't know what that is hanging from the ceiling, put it looks pretty.

Business owners in Montreal spontaneously showing their support for Dion. Clearly this momentum...blah blah...unstoppable...yada yada....

Bill Graham's keynote from the veeeeery back of the hall.

Howard Dean addresses the delegates.

Myself with Stephane Dion and his wife Janine Krieber at the Liblogs shindig.

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Yappa said...

The photos are great. Much appreciated!

BW said...

Great shots Jeff. From my sick bed, it's nice to see some images other than Don Newman's head.

How many of the leaders showed up at the Liblogs event?

skdadl said...

Y'all are very cute. Seriously misguided, of course, but very cute.

Jeff said...

Thanks guys. And LOL skdadl. Bob, I believe Stephane was the only candidate to stop by, but it should be noted that a number of the candidates (Bob and Iggy off the top of my head) donated to help the party happen.

Anonymous said...

Great job bud!