Thursday, November 30, 2006

Me too! Me tooooooo!

A number of bloggers, and I’m guessing the media probably too, got an e-mail this morning from the NDP’s press secretary, Gaby Senay.:

It’s day two of the Liberal convention.

And let’s face it, under-attended plenary sessions and never-ending fourth ballot speculation don’t create that much good blog content.

That’s why the NDP’s got alternative Liberal Convention coverage underway!... We are serving up freshness daily!

OK, sounds interesting I thought, freshness daily, yum. So I went to check out the site, and the promised daily coverage from their official blogger, NDP MP Nathan Cullen (a great guy BTW from Skeena-Bulkley Valley, in Northern BC). Here’s the NDP’s blogging insights:

Opps! Anyway, what’s with these guys saying stupid stuff asking why none of the Liberal candidates have mentioned sponsorship in their platforms? Gee, I can’t possibly imagine why not. Newsflash NDP: the country has moved on. Next election Jack if you want to get anywhere you’re going to have to run ON something; just running against us ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

But good luck with that guys.

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BW said...

got that one too Jeff. Love the line atop the almost-blank blog:

"Throughout the Liberal convention, NDP MP and environment critic Nathan Cullen will take you behind the fa├žade and share perspectives from the convention floor."

I can't wait to get behind the facade! Where is that exactly anyway? Anyone see Cullen hiding there?

The Rat said...

The rest of the country has moved on? YOU WISH! Harper kicked you guys without mentioning sponsorship but that doesn't mean people have "moved on". People fully remember the corruption and theft.

(ps. people might be more forgiving if prominent Liberals like Bob Rae wouldn't use euphemisms like "diverted" to describe outright theft. When Liberals show some honesty you might find people move on)

Anonymous said...

Why is it that I see so many pro-Tory comments defending the NDP? Oh yes right, cuz the Dippers helped them win the last election. Because the aim of a progressive party (the NDP) is to elect the most socially conservative government Canada has ever seen!

I agree Jeff, the NDP should move on and actually come up with ideas, or else they'll go the way of Allison Brewer in New Brunswick (who's share of the popular vote almost halved from the last election).

Anonymous said...

btw, thanks to you and all the bloggers for your great convention coverage. Makes someone like me - who isn't at the convention - feel good to get the insider take.

Though I am using my powers of telekenisis to woo delegates over to Kennedy ;)

Anonymous said...

Harrap- Good Luck. From what I see and read in the Quebec press, Kennedy epitomizes the Trudeau era Liberals, except to add insult to injury, he can't speak French.
The separtist newspaper, Le Devoir, even wanted to endore him, but when they called him to give him the heads-up, his translated french reply was "I eat cornchips with my hockey puck"
They then called Iggy.

Jeff said...

I'm not taking the bait Rat, troll elsewhere.