Saturday, November 25, 2006

More Saturday reading

The Compromise Candidate?: The Star’s Sean Gordon pens an interesting profile piece on Stephane Dion that talks about the influence of his father and the maturing of his political philosophies and ideals. And there's a neato portrait.

Win by Dion seen as possible: Liberal strategist and pollster David Herle…yes, that David Herle…outlines how Dion could manage to win this thing next weekend. Basically, the longer he’s on the ballot the better his shot, because polls have consistently shown he has the most second choice support. I have to agree with that assessment. I’d add he also needs to surpass Gerard Kenendy in the ballot quickly, or the pressure will be for him to step aside.

Slinging mud
: Apparently some blogger that doesn’t like Michael Ignatieff, and likes Bob Rae, has been outed for blogging from work. Apparently it’s a conspiracy though, because he works (worked?) for an ad firm that did some work for the Rae campaign designing buttons. The company said they knew nothing about what the guy blogged on his coffee break. Dido Bob's peps.

Says the Iggy campaign’s Brad Davis:

“The blogosphere is supposed to be an environment for grassroots Liberals to come together and discuss politics. We're very concerned to learn that Bob Rae has possibly hired a professional communications firm to pose as a grassroots supporter in a dirty smear campaign against Michael Ignatieff.”

Nice use of the word possibly since there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest that’s the case. Besides, no candidate would attempt to use the blogsphere for evil, now would they? Here’s Brad’s comments in a nutshell:

“I am shocked! Shocked I say to learn there’s gambling in this establishment!”

Me too. I remember when the Internet was just about the porn.

Catch of the day? Goldfish
: Questions are raised about this supposed exodus from the Dion campaign of four really tip-top, super-duper, mucho important Quebec organizers to the Ignatieff camp we heard about the other day.

The Globe (scroll down) reports turns out two of them were just regular volunteers and one never even declared whom he was supporting. And the Post reports one of these supposed top organizers couldn’t even get himself elected as a delegate.

Still, Denis Coderre insists this is a sign that TrudeauMania IggyMania is breaking out in Quebec.

From Justin to Kelly Gerard
: Justin Trudeau has come out and endorsed Gerard Kennedy. A big shot in the arm for the Kennedy camp, good for them. Justin had been wavering between Gerard and Stephane, saying Iggy doesn’t have the wisdom necessary to be Liberal leader and Rae doesn’t have the vision. No comment yet from Alf Apps.

Dear editor: Dion pens a letter to the editor of the Star on the recent nation goings on you may have heard about and why he's voting as he is.

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Anonymous said...

Might be a good idea to leave Herle out of it - he was involved in Martin's campaign and we know how that went.


I'd prefer is the newsmedia wouldn't endorse "anyone". It happened where I live because the editor was a friend of the Conservative (former Alliance) candidate and he won. He's been a real disappointment - does photo-ops mostly when he's not sending out brochures that just happen to have a questionnaire (polling) which he wants filled in and sent to "not his constituency office" but directly to Ottawa.

Again, I think the media should stay out of endorsements.

Anonymous said...

Calling people "gold fish" like they are nothings even if they are just volunteers - not nice. Rather a put down.

Not nice at all.

Anonymous said...


I think that "goldfish" reference was funny, appropriate, good, worthy...

Is it really necessary to criticize everything Mr./Mrs./Ms. Anonymous?

Olaf said...

All told, I'd say the MSM has been kind to you today, Jeff.

Jason Hickman said...

Liberal strategist and pollster David Herle…yes, that David Herle…outlines how Dion could manage to win this thing next weekend. Basically, the longer he’s on the ballot the better his shot

As opposed to Dion's presumably dimmer chances of victory if he's "on the ballot" for a shorter period of time?

Ah, that's the sort of savvy, in-depth, worth-its-weight-in-gold Earnscliffe analysis that I remember Team Martin getting during the '06 election campaign :)

Jeff said...

If it assuages your anonymous umbrage, anon 434, I'll tell you I actually consider myself a minnow in the grand scheme of things.

Amusing Jason, I actually had the same thought myself. But joking aside I think the point he was trying to make was a good one, namely that polls show Dion with the highest second choice support. But naturally, those peoples' first choices need to drop out first for that to come into play. The challenge for Dion is to hang on long enough to be able to take advantage of that second place support. His ability to grow his support is highest, is the point.

Jason Hickman said...

I know, I know ... and in fact, he may well be right; SD may well be the "compromise candidate", if only because nobody else in the Top 4 fits the bill (Kennedy maybe, if he spoke better francais and hadn't done so poorly in QC).

I just couldn't resist taking a dig at a Board member, that's all :)

ottlib said...

I wonder if Mr. Dion is only the second choice of many delegates because he is sitting a distant third and so he is a safe second choice because they really don't think he can win.

Will those sentiments change if it actually looks like he could win?

How many will actually act according to what they told a pollster?

Sorry Jeff, although he has a mathematical shot at winning this thing the stars are going to have to align perfectly for it to happen.

Olaf said...

If it assuages your anonymous umbrage, anon 434

Good line. I always fear the anonymous umbrage.

Anonymous said...

Apparently schools of fish from the Brison camp will not be migrating toward the Iggfeeding ground, according to the Halifax Chronicle today ..."Most of Scott Brison’s delegates to the Liberal convention in Montreal are looking at backing Stephane Dion or Bob Rae after Mr. Brison drops off the ballot next week".

Jeff said...

I hear ya Jason, and I'm no board fan myself. But it hardly seems sporting to pick on them anymore, you know? :)

Ottlib, I don't agree with the first half of your theory. But on the second half, yes, clearly it is an uphill battle for Dion. I've been saying that all along. But he has been fighting an uphill battle from day one, and look how far he has come. No one would have predicted at the start he'd be here today. Yes, the stars have to align, but he has a real shot.