Monday, November 13, 2006

Oh, I'm so excited!!

Can you stand it? Just one more sleep until Garth Turner's big press conference! If I can manage to sleep at all that is! Oh, it's just so exciting! I'm just going to sit here all night and hit refresh on his blog! Wow me with your wisdom Garth!

P.S. Garth is on a CityPulse 24 panel with Kinsella, Art Eggleton and a few others I don't know discussing tonight's municipal election results. The anchor asked him what he was going to talk about in his press conference tomorrow (I know my workplace is shutting down to watch it live on tv). Here's the exchange:

Garth: Well Anne, I'm just going to talk a little bit about the process by which I had my can booted-out of the Conservative caucus. And I think it's really interesting how -- and this relates to what we're seeing tonight -- how people are being sort of excluded more from the political process instead of brought in. And one of the reasons we're seeing such low voter turnout now, and federally I think, is people same old, same old. Like it doesn't matter who we vote for. The guys are going to do the same sort of thing. So I want to talk a little about that tomorrow in the press conference in Ottawa, about internal party politics, and how we've got to change it. And guys like Kinsella and I, mad bloggers that we are, are trying to draw people into this process.

Anchor: Are you going to be walking over to another party tomorrow?

Garth: Not tomorrow.

Anchor: OK. Not tommorow? Dot dot dot.

Another panelist off screen: Stay tuned.

Garth: This is only chapter two.

Again, I ask. How ever will I sleep?

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Anonymous said...

To think, Garth Turner and Warren Kinsella are going to show us how - two angry, bitter has beens. Hmmmm.

BW said...

I think Stephen Harper is s***ing his pants right about now.

I hope it's as juicy as promised!