Thursday, November 23, 2006

Paging Elizabeth May to the green courtesy phone

Hey, Ms. May. Want to gain recognition as a national leader and help cement the view that the Greens are more than just a one issue party? Want to gain a truckload of respect and political support for yourself and your party across the political spectrum? Then get yourself to a microphone and camera in front of the national press corps right NOW and give voice to the millions of Canadians who are going crazy at the political elites of this country. Stand-up for the millions of Canadians for whom Canada is their nation. Period.


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Anonymous said...

or Gerard Kennedy. Or both.

Penelope Persons said...

I wonder if Harper hasn't just pulled the rug out from under not just the Bloc, but also Ignatieff, rather than helping him, as so many pundits seems to think?

Wasn't that one of the few distinctives of Iggy's campaign?? {I'm not referring, of course, to Iggy's many distinctive pre-campaign remarks on things like torture, Iraq, his family background et al....)

The fact that "everyone" seems to agree, what else is there to discuss?

Also, I haven't seen anyone make this point, but I noticed Harper said "quebecois", not "Quebec", and in French, not English... Could he have been referring only to the francophone community in Quebec?

Anyway, I am now declaring myself a "nation" within Canada, since I am probably the only UEL-Scottish-Seminole-eldest child-astrological Leo Canadian in the country, with my own unique culture...

Anonymous said...

Penny - you are only "one of a kind" - I believe you have to be a group/community/common language, etc.

I'm an Scottish/Welsh/German/American/
agnostic/babyboomer/early Canadian settler - Nation.

Jeff said...

Well, Iggy is helped in the leadership because an issue that was separating him from the other frontrunners, helping him in Quebec but hurting him in the ROC, is now neutralized. He'll keep his gained Quebec support, and any ROC bleeding may be stemmed since everyone is now onboard.

During the general election though this was supposed to be an advantage for an Ignatieff-led Liberal party in Quebec. Now Harper has taken over, so the advantage is neutralized.

And the pressure will be on both Iggy and the Harper Cons to go further and pander to Quebec, offering more than the symbolism (officializing it, some powers, yada yada) to retake the advantage.

Harper did say Quebecois, not Quebec, indeed referring just to the francophone community. But as I noted today, the BQ motion said Quebecois too. Because they recognize this isn't just mere symbolism, no matter how much we want it to be.

And 6-0 Predators, what the hell?!