Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tyee blog: What fiscal imbalance?

Well, I’m still trying to digest today’s nation fireworks. OK, that’s a lie, I was watching the Canucks beat the Wings 4-3 in OT. That’s three in a row! And I do recognize Canuck nation. Anyway, maybe now I’ll try to digest things. But in the meantime, I have a post up at The Tyee’s Election Superblog (written before today's events) on another potentially contentious policy that will be discussed at the convention in Montreal: recognizing the mythical fiscal imbalance:

Recognizing imbalance the wrong move
A resolution from our friends in the LPC’s Quebec wing is urging Liberals to recognize and deal with the fiscal imbalance. They shouldn’t. The imbalance is a myth, nothing more than a cash grab by already flush provincial premiers…

I’d also like to point you toward a great Tyee post from J. Kelly Nestruck. For all this talk about not wanting another francophone leader, it seems that may not be the best idea:

Your francophone’s off the hook

Don’t like the thought of another francophone leader? Nestruck’s got some bad news. In the post-King period of the Liberal party, only francophones have been able to get Liberals the majorities they desire.

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