Friday, November 24, 2006

Tyee blog: What happened to health care?

I have another post online over at The Tyee’s Election Central blog:

What happened to Health Care?

We’ve heard lots in this campaign about the environment and sustainable development, about foreign policy and the war in Afghanistan and about business competitiveness. I believe we’ve heard a little about national unity too. And all important issues to be sure. But why has there been no significant debate on what Canadians consistently tell politicians is their top concern?

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Panda said...

If debate on healthcare would lead to more money being thrown at it (and therefore taken from other programs) then I'm glad that there's been no more debate over it.

The health care system is gobbling up all funding. It has some flaws, like an underemphasis on preventative care, homecare etc but it is structurally sound (public insurance is more efficient) and its woes will not be solved by having more money thrown at it.

Jeff said...

Panda, I agree that tossing more money at the system is not the way to go. I think that's the easy-out to take, and it just doesn't work. There needs to be fundamental changes to how we use the resources already allocated, that's the debate we need to have. In the absence of that debate the easy answer is just to toss more money into it, we can't keep doing that.