Wednesday, November 22, 2006

You say nation, I say mashed potatoes

I really need to go shave and get ready for work, but I wanted to link to a great editorial in Halifax’s Chronicle Herald about how the whole nation thing is hijacking the leadership debate, rather than allowing the candidates to focus on “things that will really drive Canada’s social and economic policy,” like sustainable development.

It’s a message that Stephane Dion brought to the paper’s editorial board, and it seems they agreed. The editorial is well worth a read, but I wanted to share a few money quotes from Dion here (emphasis mine):

"People are all mixed up about this." Dion says. "It’s a very interesting discussion at a seminar of political science, but the moment you talk about putting that in the Constitution and you blame the other candidates for being afraid to raise the issue, then legitimate questions come: If you are a nation, what am I, mashed potato?"


"Now all of a sudden, the burden of proof is back on our shoulders. We need to deliver this mysterious constitutional change that will change Canada into a Federation of Nirvana through a magic word that everybody would agree upon. It will not work. Keep the burden of proof on the separatists."


I’d rather we be talking about sustainable development too, but if need be there’s no one I’d rather have taking on the separatists. That’s vintage Dion.

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Anonymous said...

I think the whole "debate" on issues in the Liberal Party is HEALTHY and will show Canadians how Liberals can debate and work things out. This is a positive.

Would you rather it be like the Harper gang - do what Daddy says, no debate, no consideration of opinions - just keep saying Heil Harper.

Olaf said...


If you are a nation, what am I, mashed potato

How's Dion's english again? I hope that this is the French version of "chopped liver"... but either way, I have to admit it's funny. Sounds like something my grandfather would say.

Anonymous said...

Why are the mashed potatos so "yellow"? Any mashed potatos I've eaten have been creamy white in colour.

Does this symbolize something?

(because you hate anons so much and because now that I have a new computer I will join the blogosphere - my old computer kept dying on me)

Jeff said...

It's his second language, I never claimed he spoke it like the Queen. He dropped an "a" though, no biggie. Common for second language speakers. His vocabulary is fine, he's clear and understandable. He also used an English idiom, not too shabby IMHO.

Jeff said...

Sandi I hadn't noticed, maybe the chef used lots of butter? Anyway, no symbolism intended, I assure you.

And it's not that I hate anons, although signing-up for a free blogger account doesn't seem like too much of a pain, and trying to follow a thread and keep different anons straight is difficult. But it just bothers be when people hide behind anonymity to slag people and make attacks. I just think that if someone is going to attack someone they should be willing to stand behind their comments, otherwise it's just cowardly, IMO.

Anonymous said...

Jeff, now you made me feel really embarrassed - I did try to sign up to be a blogger and it didn't work, but again that was on my old computer - I shall try again. Jason Cherniak told me some time ago that if I had trouble, he'd help me (this was when I had my old clunker).

Now you know, I'm not computer savvy and now have to learn more stuff on my new one.

In the meantime, I'll just sign my name.


Bailey said...

The best part of that editorial is his whole emphasis on putting the burden of proof on the separatists, which of course, this resolution doesn't. We have to keep the burden of proof of separation on those who want Quebec to separate.

Jeff said...

Bailey, exactly right.

Sandi, no need to be embarrassed. I know blogger can be unreliable, and some people with Macs in particular aren't able to access or create accounts. For awhile I didn't allow anon comments, but when I heard about these problems I reopened them.

Anon comments are cool, just don't say something in an anon comment you wouldn't say in a coffee shop is all (and I'm sure you wouldn't. :) )