Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Convention photos on flickr

I've uploaded my convention photos on flickr, including some I didn't post on the blog over the week.

Also, quoted briefly in this Toronto Star story on blogging the convention. I knew right away when I used the word risky I might have overstated it a bit. I think gamble might have been a better word to choose. I think I also added that those that don't at least make an effort at fair and balanced-ish tend not to have much credibility. Still, good story.

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Oxford County Liberals said...

That one picture of me describing me as it being one of the RARE times I was coaxed out of the Bloggers Room is SLIGHTLY (and I stress SLIGHTLY) exaggerated; I wasnt in there 24 hrs a day after all. ;)

Otherwise. good photos.

Jeff said...

All in good fun Scott. :)