Tuesday, December 26, 2006

CP gets it right: It's the Canadian soldier

Never mind what Time Canada or Time had to say about the newsmaker of the year, I think the Canadian Press got it right. The Canadian Soldier is definitely Canada’s newsmaker of the year.

'Canadian Soldier' most notable of 2006
Afghan conflict has left military 'on the lips, and in the hearts' of fellow citizens
December 26, 2006
Bill Graveland

MAS'UM GHAR, Afghanistan–Standing at an observation post in the heart of Taliban country, Pte. Conrad Craig of Edmonton was in a reflective mood on what it means to be a Canadian soldier.

The 23-year-old member of the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry is keenly aware of the changing status for the Canadian soldier in the eyes of Canadians and the world. Their mission in Afghanistan and the sacrifices they have endured have put Canadian troops at the forefront of public attention.

"I've always been proud to be a Canadian soldier," said Craig, looking through binoculars for possible threats among the orchards near Kandahar city. "Always will be and even if I ever do get out, I'll always be a Canadian soldier."

The men and women of the Canadian Forces have dominated news coverage in 2006 and as such, editors and broadcasters across the country have chosen the Canadian Soldier as Canada's Newsmaker of the Year in the annual poll by The Canadian Press and Broadcast News.


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ottlib said...

I find these "News Stories of the Year" proclamations to be a trifle bore.

It is nothing more than the news media trying to make up for the slow newsweek that is the week between Christmas and New Years.

They are largely ignored and quickly forgotten and they are generally superceded by the news organizations themselves if something comes up to replace them. Witness the fact they barely mentioned anything about them in 2004 during the Tsunami crisis.

Mark Dowling said...

according to Yahoo the Ontario lottery investigation was the news story of the year.

Jeff said...

...followed by hallowen and dancing with the stars, Mark. I guess when they're doing it based on search engine searches, it could be worse...

Maybe so ottlib, but some find them interesting. It's nice to reflect once and awhile.