Friday, December 01, 2006

Embedded inside a flash mob

After having watched the spontaneous flash mobs of placard-toting, leather-lunged partisans follow their candidates and mug for the cameras for three days, today I decided to make like Geraldo and embed myself in a mob and report from the belly of the beast.

I heard in the blogger batcave that a spontaneous Dion flash mob was spontaneously organizing downstairs, next to the Tim Horton’s (hear that Warren, we’re Timmy’s, not Starbucks). Another Dion supporter and I hoofed it downstairs, grabbed a Dion sign (they’re double-sided now, good work peps) and joined the spontaneously gathering mob, all spontaneously waving signs.

We arranged on either side of the hall, with a path down the middle for Stephane to walk through when he spontaneously arrived. After some spontaneously coaching on our cheers, an undeclared delegate (wearing a sign saying I’m undecided, talk to me) walked through to actually spontaneous thunderous cheers from the mob.

And then, and I must say it’s a heck of a coincidence, Stephane just happens to walk in through the same door we were all gathered around. That spontaneously worked out really well. The mob went wild and as Stephane passed we followed him up the escalators into the convention hall proper, chanting, cheering and waving our signs all the way, with the media at the lead, walking backwards filming and taking photos.

I was up near the front for much of the time so I may have gotten in a pic or two, we’ll see. And it was a big crowd too. How big? I’d say at least 100,000 people. The NEW moment of the convention. Take that Iggy! :)

Having experienced a flash mob now from the inside and yelled myself hoarse, I have to say it’s a surreal experience. The blood starts to pump , the adrenaline is flowing and you feel yourself submersing in the group spirit.

I was pondering yesterday the usefulness of these roving flash mobs when for all intents and purposes the air war is over. But I think, in addition to showing to any undeclared or waverers here how you have the big mo, it’s also about pumping up your own troops, keeping them motivated and getting them excited. As I said, you kind of lose yourself in the mob.

An interesting experience indeed, and more than just a little fun. I got some good pics, I’ll add them to the post when I make it back to the hotel tonight.

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