Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Let's give 'er to John A.

It’s bad enough when Liberals try to fight a leadership race on Pierre Trudeau. Now it seems Stephen Harper wants to fight the next election against the late Prime Minister.

The Conservative government’s offensive to regain the support of Quebecers started today with Prime Minister Stephen Harper taking aim at the costly, “big dream” ideas of Pierre Trudeau… “In allowing the farmers of Mirabel to re-acquire their land, we are correcting a mistake of history and we are looking towards the future”… “It was done in what was called the `national interest,”’ Harper said. “It was at the time an omni-present, centralizing government.”

Boy this Trudeau guy really sounds like he sucks, I’m sure not voting for him! Oh, wait…I said earlier we need to set the agenda of the next election. So I say we need to fight the next campaign against Sir. John A. MacDonald. We can’t abide another Pacific scandal! Or excessive drinking! And I hear he was Scottish too!

But back to the Mirabel story. Interesting quotes here from Stephen:

“True nationalists are builders.”


The Liberal government of that time had large, costly projects…


“In four decades I’d probably be dead — I’m sure that I will be dead.”

Rather morbid, Stephen. I mean, you were born 1959, making you some 47 years young. Meaning, in 40 years you’ll be 87 years old. No spring chicken to be sure, but let’s be optimistic now. With diet, exercise and advances in medical science (unless you replace medical research funding with tax breaks for asprin or something) 87 is hardly out of the ballpark for you. Chin up.

But anyway, it was the contrast in the comments that more interested me. Just what does our “true nationalist” (sorry all you false nationalists) plan on building? He’s always struck me as more of a devolver myself, and I’m not sure breaking things up counts as building.

Anyway, whatever he builds clearly he isn’t thinking more than 40 years down the road, since he’s sure he’ll be dead and all. Myself, I suspect he’s not thinking much beyond the next election.

But whatever he builds, let’s keep an eye on the foundation.

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Bailey said...

The Globe has a more details on the nationalist part:

Harper Embraces nationalist voters as allies

Somewhere Brian Mulroney is smiling. I wonder if this means Lucien Bouchard is taking out another Conservative Party Membership.

Ian said...

Harper doesn't want to be around when, in 2050, Canadians find out that a 50% reduction in "so-called greenhouse gases" wasn't enough.

Anonymous said...

Is that all Harper has to offer - negativity on anything and everything? Boy, he's sure depressing. If he doesn't look after himself he won't be here in 40 years. He looks so bloated and unhealthy.

Did he ever consider his kids? Most likely they'l be here in another 40 years - hey, what a family guy and so thoughtful about the future for his kids.

With a daddy like that, who needs enemies.

Anonymous said...

Ah, isn't that a similar line Bush used about his legacy and/or Iraq? Bush said he won't be around in 50 years to see what historians write about him.

Harper needs to get his own script.

Zac said...

I heard John A also married his cousin. We can't have that! Down with the CPC, those bunch of cousin-marrying odd-balls!

Anonymous said...

Strange, Harper never mentioned Diefenbaker's cancelling of the Avro Aero project - lost potential billions and billions of dollars and an industry for Canadians in that field...hmmmmm. Probably because he's doing the same thing now with opportunities with Europe.

I remember Mulroney's tainted tuna (Tunagate) scandal and Airbus - he never mentions these failures.

kenlister1 said...

not thinking 40 years down the road? i could have swore there was a plan to meet kyoto in 50 years. what a dreamer that harper is.

he surely hopes to not be held accountable in 50 years for kyoto, and apparently he doesnt plan on being around in 40 years. has he planned his death? i recommend he get on the phone with Dr. K.