Saturday, December 02, 2006

LPC Day Three in photos

How I'm greeted each morning outside my hotel room door. I've detected a strong and noticeable bias in the Ignatieff Daily, I'm tempted to write a letter to the editor.

Former Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy.

Former Environment Minister David Anderson is interviewed by CPAC's Martin Stringer.

My journey inside a spontaneous flash mob. We're spontaneously forming and getting our spontaneous cheers down and our signs spontaneously positioned.

Sign in hand I'm ready for some spontaneous production of television b-roll footage.

A successful spontaneous flash mob comes together, as we chant, wave our signs and follow Stephane through the convention centre.

The first anti-Harper signs at the convention make an appearance in an Ignatieff spontaneous flash mob.

The lines to vote were very, very long, and signs had to be surrendered before entering the room. Note the now infamous orange Bob Rae signs.

Warren looks so lonely, I really should have gone up and said hello.

When the CBC's At Issue panel is on, all other activity stops at blogger central. At least when Coyne is on, Chantal Hebert isn't to popular with the Dionistas these days.

The little red bus that could, and it sure did.

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