Saturday, December 02, 2006

On cloud nine

I’m too pumped to speak objectively about Stephane’s speech. No matter what he said I would have thought it was great just to see him up there giving it.

I liked though how he paid tribute to all the other candidates, it was really classy. Such love in the hall for Martha, and especially for Gerard Kennedy. Dion won the convention but Kennedy is a real winner too. The timing of his move to Dion, the way he delivered. This guy is the next leader.

Looking behind Stephane as he spoke you could see a real expression of pride on Jean Chretien’s face, it was great to see.

As I said it was tough to follow the speech objectively at this point with all the emotions flowing, but some lines I liked:

What started as a network of loyal supporters around me became a movement.

When we Liberals address the concerns of Canadians we Liberals are an unstoppable force.”

There are a lot of really disappointed Ignatieff supporters out there right now, especially those from Quebec. Emotions are very raw right now, and you have to feel for them. I think we will come together, and to those in Quebec especially, I ask you to give Stephane a chance. I think he’s going to surprise you.

I’ll compose my thoughts and have more to say tomorrow. For now, it’s time to party!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

i too am so excited that the liberals have elected stephane dion! and i look forward to convincing my fellow new democrats to abandon the politics of protest and jump on board the dion "three-pillar" bandwagon!

- levi