Saturday, December 02, 2006

Photos from the floor before ballot four

Nervous anticipation mixed with a tingly feeling, nervousness, so many emotions right now I'm not sure how coherent I can be.

Just popped down for a walk around the hall, and I'll be in the hall for the final ballot results. Won't be able to bring the laptop down, so I'll have some immediate reaction by Treo and more later on when I can get back online.

The mood on the floor? Crazy. Anything can happen but the mood, in my biased view, is for Dion. Everyone is busy wooing the Rae people, all the heavy hitters are pressing the flesh. The halls are packed and it's hard to move.

Here's a taste:

Nearly all these people are waiting to vote. It's wall to wall, no room to breathe.

The head of the line where it enters the voting hall, where one more ballot will be cast.

A very happy Stephane Dion makes his way into the voting hall.

Gerard Kennedy is on the floor working to bring people over to Dion.

Gerard Kennedy and Ujal Dosanjh try to get the Rae people over to Stephane.

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Anonymous said...

This was a fantastic blog throughout the entire process. Just want to congratulate you on a job very well done.

I also respected the fact that when pressed to pick a winner you didn't default to your candidate with absurd reasoning but rather took a logical approach to it.

Great work man!

leftdog said...

Kudo's to you for your coverage of the convention.

As a fellow Prog Blogger (even though I am a dipper), it was good to read familiar blogs. Thank you.

Yappa said...

I want to add my thanks to the others. I appreciated your insight and enjoyed all the photos. Congratulations on a good win!

Saskboy said...

Great photos throughout. Good job.

I may steal that Defeat Harper picture later ;-)