Wednesday, December 06, 2006

A question

Dear Ezra,

If I write a column on something reported on by, say, the Globe and Mail some three months earlier, does that qualify as a scoop too?

From the G&M September 6, 2006:

Mr. Dion was the second of four boys and a girl who grew up in Sillery, a leafy, affluent suburb, though acquaintances note that the book-filled family home was a relatively modest one.

Mr. Dion's mother, Denyse, was a real-estate agent. Born in Paris, she gave her children their dual citizenship; Léon Dion would joke he was the only one in the household to be solely Canadian.

(Mr. Dion does not have a French passport and has not voted in a French election, his staff says.)

"As far as I remember, I have always had a rather willful temperament," Mr. Dion once said in a speech.

Thanks buddy,


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bigcitylib said...

I actually, for some reason, knew about this fact months ago. In any case, as I write back at the home blog, John Turner was a UK/Canadian dual citizen and nobody worried about him betraying us to the Brits. This whole thing is just Western based anti French bigotry.

Jeff said...

John was a Brit, was he? Didn't know that. That explains why he tried to get everyone to drive on the left side of the road and wanted to make crumpets the national food.

Ti-Guy said...

Until Ezra is confronted in the media by anyone more credible that Stephen LeDrew, I suspect his novelty value for CanWest and Quebecor will continue to be great for quite some time.

By the way....Is Ezra Levant environmentally sustainable?

Jeff said...

Actually TI I blame him for our failure to meet our Kyoto targets. All those greenhouse gases...

Olaf said...


Did Ezra claim that it was a scoop?

Anonymous said...

Ezra was just doing Stephen's bidding, the courageous one who prefers to hide behind gaseous noise-makers at the most opportune time.

Jeff said...

Olaf, I don't know if Ezra did, but it has certainly been portrayed/claimed as one by the media and many of his blogsphere colleagues, implying this was somehow hidden. Clearly, though, it wasn't, no one cared until they needed something to rag on the guy with, and this was all they could come up with.

Anonymous said...

These are a few that may have dual citizenship as well:
- Vic Toews, Paraquay
- Diane Ablonczy, United States
- Tony Clement, England
- Steven Fletcher, Brazil
- Nina Grewal, Japan
- Rahim Jaffer, Uganda
- Inky Mark, China
- Deepak Obhrai, Tanzania
- Daniel Petit, Belgium
- Myron Thompson, United States
- Vic Toews, Paraguay
- John G. Williams, Scotland
Will try to find out which ones still maintain their dual nationality.