Sunday, December 17, 2006

Questioning authority

Took a stroll by the Conservative Party's youth Web site today. It seems they're all about questioning authority. Interesting, that. I look forward to their hard, inquisitive, no-holes barred questioning of authority then. I'm sure it will include such authorities as the Prime Minister, his cabinet, and Canada's new government, as there's no authorities higher. And I hear Stephen loves it when his authority is questioned. Just ask Garth. I'm sure they'll start questioning authority and sticking it to the man any day now.

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Gauntlet said...

They owe Charles Schultz some royalties for having the teacher say "wah, wah, wah."

Oh, and I would point out that there is no "they." "They" are the authority that they claim to promote questioning. The conservatives don't have a youth wing, or any youth organization. They voted against that. This is a "youth site" in that it is geared toward youth, not in that it is in any way controlled by youth.

And by the way, as a person who has been on campus an involved in politics for the last three and a half years, what the hell are they talking about? Campus life is hard because you disagree with what everyone else thinks? Oh! I get it. For a conservative, having someone else think something that you don't is unacceptable. Because as a conservative, you're right. See, 'cause I disagree with lots of people, and I don't find it the least bit annoying. Funny.

rob said...

I think what the mean to say is that it isn't easy remaining a conservative, while actually thinking about the issues, like you tend to do in University.

You know what, fair point.

Jeff said...

While I'd love to make a joke about Conservatives actually thinking about the issues, I'll pass on the easy cheap shot. And universities are lefty, or at least mine was, and frankly a bit too much for my taste.

Nonetheless, the wider theme throughout the youth subsite is questioning authority. If they truly mean campus authority, better to get involved in student government then join a national political party. Because federally, they are the authority. Not that that authority doesn't need questioning though.

Anonymous said...

Well, with all the cuts coming down the pike to education, the harper youth better have their baptism by fire now rather than later if they expect loans, subsidies or grants...
The rest of the non-harper-youth rabble will just have to get as best get can :)

rob said...

I haven't found in my University experience that the schools that I attended were 'too left'.

At Kwantlen, we had 3 profs running in the 2004 election for 3 different parties. All the profs I had went to great pains to deliver all sides of the story.

Now that I am in law school I've particularly found that my contemporaries are from all parts of the political spectrum, as are my profs.

If Conservatives need an echo chamber, University will not provide that, unless they attend the University of Calgary.

If they are looking to truly think and be challenged on the issues, then they will have a fine time in University.