Friday, December 08, 2006

Random thoughts on a Friday

*Blogstravaganza!: In Toronto? Tonight it's time for another Blogstravaganza. It's a chance for bloggers, those that read blogs, and just plain political junkies and their friends to get together for beverages. Conservatives, Liberals, Greens, heck even Dippers. And non-political blogging types too, it's all good. The event after the last election was a great success with a very large turnout, from the Zerb on the left to Coyne on the right and Kinsella somewhere in-between. The dets:

Come join fellow bloggers on Friday, December 8, 2006 at Toronto's Fiddler's Green, 27 Wellesley Street East - right across from Wellesley subway station on the Yonge line. We should have the second floor reserved.

People will likely start showing-up around 8 pm-ish.

*Dion would sacrifice French citizenship to become PM: Sadly, this seemed inevitable, but it's probably for the best. He shouldn't have to; I've really heard no compelling reasons why he should besides political expediency. And I hate to give the loonies like Ezra any kind of victory. Still, if this really does bother people it's right to just put it to rest and move on. Let's not let these kinds of sideshows distract from the real issues that matter to Canadians.

*Green Party leader heaps praise on Dion: Elizabeth May really shines in this article, and I don't just say so because she's saying nice things about Dion. But she's displaying a principled and practical approach to politics and setting up a role for her party as a real influencer of policy, supplanting the role that the NDP has traditionally tried to historically fill, but has fumbled at of late (lend me your vote?). If I were Jack I'd be getting worried. And, apropos of nothing, but wouldn't May look great as environment minister in a Liberal/Green coalition government, leading the charge on Dion's third pillar? Hey, I can dream, can't I?

*Credit where it's due: There were rumblings from Vic Toews as late as Wednesday that he was ready with some kind of "defence of marriage" legislation if they lost the SSM vote. However, after the vote yesterday Harper firmly ruled that out. Governance should be above pandering to your base, so now that he's gotten his symbolic pandering out of the way with the vote I'm glad we're finally moving on.

*Bloggers on CPAC: Lastly, this Sunday at 7est/4pst you can tune into CPAC for a special doc by Ken Rockburn that takes you inside the blogger batcave at last week's Liberal convention. It's like a comment section come to life, but without the trolls. And with comfy chairs.

Sunday, December 10 at 7PM ET / 4PM PT

In this special one hour documentary Ken Rockburn speaks to some of the people involved in the two campaigns and also pays a visit to the newcomers at the convention, the bloggers who shared their own insights to what was happening on the floor and the back hallways of the campaign.

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Anonymous said...

Funny what a hypocrite Jack Layton is. He's claiming to be the Party of Tommy Douglas.

Elizabeth May is taking Tommy Douglas' place in the world of principles. Tommy Douglas formed a coalition with Pierre Trudeau to make sure the Conservatives won in order that social programmes would be kept.

Jack Layton - Tommy would roll over in his grave if he knew what you've done to his party and his principles.

Has anyone challenged Ezra Levant on his loyalty to Canada - say there was a war between Canada and Israel - if he had to fight for one of the two countries, if he had to choose - which one would it be? (I'd say Israel).

Reality Bites said...

Dion should have made a deal. He'll give up his French citizenship if Levant gives up his Canadian.

He could even sell it on ebay. "Never been used."