Friday, December 01, 2006

Waiting on results…and pizza

The blogger room is still busy and buzzing waiting for the first ballot results which we hope are some 30 minutes away. And we’re waiting for pizza, no one has eaten for hours and hours and nothing is open nearby the convention hall. We’ve ordered out to Domino’s…the bloggers are hungry.

Ken Rockburn and the gang from CPAC have been hanging-out in the blogger batcave tonight. They filmed a debate talking about the speeches amongst the bloggers that we’re told will be airing Dec. 10. They’re also waiting with us for the first ballot results, they’re going to film our reactions.

One interesting trend that seems to have emerged is the different impressions of the speeches from those that were in the hall and those that watched on tv to the Rae Jam. Those in the hall seemed to think Rae nailed it, while those that watched it on TV think he bombed. While it’s an interesting dichotomy it’s those in the hall that get to vote, and bottom line that’s all that matters at this point.

There’s a lot of nervousness in the room as we wait for the results. Everyone seems to be a touch nervous about the performance of their respective candidates. I won’t name any names to protect the innocent, but some of our Ignatieff people seem to think while they’re happy with his performance he didn’t nail it, and with some of the movements they think Rae may end up taking it. As a Dion supporter, I thought he gave a good speech, not the home run changes the dynamic speech, but I really liked it. There wasn’t a lot of buzz in the hall though, and the media spin I’ve seen in the hall hasn’t been overly positive, so I don’t know. Haven’t seen a lot of Kennedy people in these parts, but from the supporters of others I’ve talked to reaction to his speech has been mixed.

Quoted on CTV’s Web site in a story about blogging the convention.

Still waiting for results…and pizza…sooo hungry.

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