Saturday, January 06, 2007

Alan Rock to make a comeback?

Once touted as a star leadership candidate himself, when Alan Rock endorsed Stephane Dion just before the first ballot voting in Montreal last month it was a big boost of early momentum for the Dion campaign. Could a Rock comeback now be in the works?

In an entry on CTV’s Politics Blog, David Akin reports a comment from a Liberal source that says Wajid Kahn did the party a favour by opening-up the Liberal nomination in his Toronto area-riding. An analysis shared by and large by the Liberal blogsphere as well. But what I found interesting was one of the names the source put forward as a possible Liberal candidate there:

“He's done the party a huge favour by opening up a Toronto seat for a high profile candidate. We were having problems finding a spot in the event nobody retired,” my Liberal source says. “Could be Rae, Kennedy, Findlay or someone else. Maybe even Rock."

First time I've heard that particular rumour. Could it be time for a comeback for the 59-year-old former UN Ambassador and cabinet minister?

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Unknown said...

Rock's fine, but if we're going for the classics, let's dust off John Manley! There's a real dream team!

Anonymous said...

A spoke to Mr. Rock at the convention and he made it clear that he does not want to come back anytime soon.

Olaf said...

I'm convinced that were I ever to run for political office, that I would go to great lengths to never make facial expressions of any sort unless it's a broad smile. If you show any passion whatsoever, still photos can make you look like a raving lunatic, as Rock does in yours.

But Iggy is still, my favourite!

ottlib said...


That is a great picture of Mr. Rock.

Mind you there are some really great pictures out their of such people as Stephen Harper, John Baird and Jason Kenney.

So I guess I will just have to agree with your comment.

Jeff said...

I think it's a good photo of Allan, it shows some emotion and passion. It was this or the generic headshot, I like this one better.

Politicians and photos though, yeah. Chretien could take some interesting photos, it fit with his folksy charm though. Now PM the PM, man, he could take a really bad photo. He looked like death for much of the 04 campaign, I was afraid for his health.

Maybe the neutral facial expression mask is the way to go. If I had people following me with cameras all the time I shudder at what would develop...