Thursday, January 11, 2007

The CPC's new multicultural policy

Blogging Tory Joan Tintor:

Liberal protest fades to white
Just caught the CBC story on the Stephen Harper visit to Wajid Khan's riding today, which included a shot of about five Liberals outside the venue "protesting" Khan's floor-crossing with homemade signs. Every single one of them was, er, Caucasian.

Shorter Joan Tintor: Sorry all you white people in Mississauga, sure he's your MP too but your voices don't count.

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Karen said...

Can you see the wedge?

Olaf said...


I came away with an altogether different interpretation of her comment: simply that there were no "multicultural" Canadians protesting Steve's new focus on "multicultural" issues, perhaps implying that few are as angry about it as the protesters, who I'm sure are not Liberal party hacks trying to make a name for themselves at all but merely concerned and furious citizens.

But hey, I guess that's what you get for brevity, there's always room for misinterpretation (but by who?!?)

Jeff said...

They weren't protesting Harper's multicultural announcements though Olaf. As she even said in her post, they were protesting Khan's crossing the floor.

They were constituents protesting their MP crossing the floor, and she was amused they were all white.

How should I interpret that?

Anonymous said...

I think one of the protesters was Cherniak.

Anonymous said...

The wedge is all about colour.
In that tv shot there were "no "multicultural" Canadians protesting".
How about when people were all afroth about all sorts of colours of "concerned and furious citizens" manning the line at Caledonia?
It's a wedge all right. Harper's last spike.

Anonymous said...

"How should I interpret that?"

Interpret it as a Tory whose party has unfairly been protrayed as racist finally fighting back noticing that the Liberal party is a lot whiter than they claim to be. It's amusing to see the 85% WHITE and MALE progressive bloggers and libloggers lecture *us* on racism and sexism.

Lorrie Goldstein, on why Liberals hate Canada:

"Liberals hate Canada because they see it as a dark and evil place where there are Nazis, Klansmen, Holocaust deniers, bigots and racists hiding behind every tree. Liberals worry that Canada is ready to go medieval on them the second they turn their backs.
Even when there's no election, Liberals still see racists like Haley Joel Osment sees dead people. Recently, Immigration Minister Joe Volpe saw a picture of two Conservative MPs chuckling over a clever poster poking fun at the "Librano$" during their AdScam woes and compared them to the KKK.

See how delusional they are?

Liberals see racists. Everywhere. And how could anyone love a country like that?

No wonder they hate the place."

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:41 actually reads and believes Lorrie Goldstein? Now there's an opinion that doesn't count. Can you imagine believing neo-conservative right-winged nutbar called Lorrie Goldstein? He's almost as bad as Paul Jackson - interesting they both write for the "Conservative" Sun, which I understand is managed by a known separtist.

May wonders never cease.