Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The factanistas strike again

That blasted Liberal-biased main stream media is at it again! I mean how dare they report the, you know, the facts, especially when they're so embarrassing to the Canada's Relatively New Government and make a mockery of the Conservatives' pious campaigning about accountability and doing politics differently. The nerve!

The Conservative cabinet minister in charge of helping the world's poor spent more than $4,000 for a fill-in chauffeur while her regular driver was off for 11 days, Sun Media has learned.

Documents released through Access to Information show Quebec's Josee Verner, the minister of international development, awarded the contract to Maurice Cyr last March. The records obtained by NDP MP Pat Martin's office show the daily hours billed ranged from four to 16.5 for a total of 124, but chauffeurs often sit idle while ministers are between meetings, events or hospitality functions.

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JimBobby said...

Whooee! It ain't jest the drivers who's idlin'. The gummint limos is sittin' at the curb idlin' their bigass 8 cylinder engines - fer hours on end, too. I figger if the HarpoonTossers wanna convince anybuddy they're serious 'bout ol' Mother Earth, they gotta start cleanin' up their own backyard.

Yores trooly,

Olaf said...


I swear the Sun media chain will be the death of the Conservatives. They have no integrity whatsoever. I wish that the executive would just come out of the NDP closet and admit that they're Layton's shills.

Anonymous said...

Wait a second... I saw this headline on Bourque. How is that even possible? I thought he was bought and paid for by the CPC.