Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Fighting the blogging echo echo echo chamber

One of the knocks on the blogsphere is that it tends to be an echo chamber. Two recent interesting initiatives aim to possibly bring left and right a little closer together, expose people to different opinions and ideas…and maybe spark a little spirited debate too.

The first is a new aggregator, called Opinions Canada, that aims to provide a place to scan headlines and summaries from blogs across the Canadian blogsphere. Creator Suzanne at Big Blue Wave is still beating the blogsphere bushes to add new sites and is working out some of the technical kinks of the aggregator, but be sure to bookmark it and check it out.

The other new initiative is in the spirit of the old Comments Please site, which aggregated posts from professional bloggers like Coyne and Kinsella in one spot and provided a forum for spirited cross-partisan comment, debate and discussion…sometimes a little too spirited, as Comments Please vets will recall.

Rather than professionals though, with The Pundit’s Lounge creator Jamie is bringing together a sampling of amateur bloggers that represent a diversity of opinions. To start with the stable includes myself, Cherniak on Politics, The Prairie Wrangler and Chucker Canuck. A motley crew indeed, but an interesting one I think, and good lads all.

The Pundit’s Lounge has also just gotten off the ground; I hope you’ll stop by and visit and, if this phrase isn’t trademarked, leave your comments please.

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Suzanne said...

Thank you so kindly for the link.

I need more liberal/socialist blogs, although I'll take anything (within reason).

email me.

April Reign (aka Debra) said...

Doesn't Blogs Canada offer the same thing?

Suzanne said...

Last I checked, Blogs Canada wasn't taking any new submissions.