Thursday, January 04, 2007

I'll chase him 'round the moons of Nibia and 'round the Antares Maelstrom

Apropos of undoubtedly very reliable information posted today by a prominent Conservative blogger whose name I shan’t mention just because he asked that we mention it, although I met him in Montreal and he seems like a swell chap (for a Conservative), I’m reminded of this prediction I posted on Wajid Kahn on August 11th last year.

Turns out I was off on the one month from now thing, but still. I just mention it because I’m so rarely right. I mean, last year while in Las Vegas I visited the Mandalay Bay's sportsbook and put $20 on the Canucks to win the Stanley Cup and they didn't even make the freakin' playoffs. I mean, come on!

Predicting the future
: Let me gaze into my crystal ball and predict where this Wajid Khan thing might be going, and why I think Stephen Harper, while I dislike him and his policies, is crazy like a fox:

Say, one month from now, Khan and Harper hold a press conference to announce that Khan has crossed the floor to the CPC. "This wasn't my first choice," said Khan. "I was a loyal Liberal and a loyal Canadian, and I wanted to contribute to Canada in the spirit of bipartisanship by offering my help on the Middle East issue. But my Liberal colleagues have made it clear they no longer want me in their caucus, so, with a heavy heart, I have agreed to follow their wishes."

A somber Prime Minister Stephen Harper welcomed Khan to the CPC fold, saying it was unfortunate the Liberal caucus wasn't more welcoming to such a talented MP and supportive of his efforts to find a solution to the Middle East crisis, but added Khan will be a welcome addition to the government team.

Angry Liberals lashed out at Khan's move, calling it a betrayal and demanding he resign to run in a by-election. Kahn dismissed their complaints, however.

"How can they be mad at me for doing exactly what they asked me to do?" asked Kahn. "They forced me into this decision."

Not that you had to be genius to see Wajid’s move coming a mile away the second this hair brained advisor thing was first popped. It was just a matter of choosing the timing that Harper felt would be most advantageous for the Conservatives. Interesting that he wants to shorten the news cycle for the cabinet shuffle story though.

Anyway, onward and upward. And as Scott points out, there is a silver lining for the Libs.

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