Saturday, January 13, 2007

It's branding, stupid

Now that we should get ahead of ourselves, there is much work to be done. But, if there is an election soon and somehow the Liberals win, we need to be ready.

The Canadian Cynic has outlined the success the Conservatives have had with their Canada's New Government moniker. As a Blogging Tory he links to notes, branding is important. And should Canada's New Liberal Party win the next election a re branding effort will surely need to be our first priority.

With that in mind, I ask you:

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Anonymous said...

"As a Blogging Tory he links to notes, branding is important"

If you're saying he's a Blogging Tory, I don't think so.

Who know's where he belongs, but he does link to sites like Dr Dawg and My Bhlag if that helps.

Jeff said...

Here's the link I was referring to, they were a BT site of the week, high honour indeed:

Anonymous said...

I was asking if you are referring Canadian Cynic to Blogging Tories or not.

The way it's writen, it's easy to get the impression that you were referring to Cynic.

Devin Maxwell said...


I would like to submit a write-in vote for "Canada's better government" or "Canada's responsible government". Or, even better, "we're not the Conservatives!"

Scotian said...

Canada's competent government.