Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Jack Layton is flame retardant

That's among the findings of testing for chemical contaminants done by an environmental group on four Canadian politicians. I wouldn't recommend testing that finding though.

Here's how the four ranked, from most polluted to least (all were more polluted though than the average Canadian):

John Godfrey (Lib): 55 pollutants

Tony Clement (Con): 54 pollutants

(tie) Jack Layton (NDP): 54 pollutants

Rona Ambrose (Con): 49 pollutants

While Layton was the most flame retardant (handy for a politician) Godfrey had the highest level of organophosphate pesticides and Ambrose took the arsenic crown.

Suggested spin headlines based on the findings for my BlogCon friends:

"Liberals are contaminated: study"

"Toxic Liberals"

"We're all overly partisan and silly"

Liberals should blame it on Brian Mulroney. And Dippers, as always, you should ask "will someone please think of the children?"

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S.K. said...

I think he's just retardant.

Steve V said...

Peacock feathers produce a considerable amount of natural oils so the retardant might counteract that. Good thing?

Anonymous said...

did anyone see rona ambrose on cbc with the environmentalist where rona admits she takes hours' long showers?
well there you have it folks. you can't wash this sort of pollution away, no matter how much hot water you can afford.
i am hoping that this study will galvanize people into thinking seriously about how much stuff and crap we actually "need" to either purchase or have thrust upon us.
for sure now rona will be on top of the poisons routinely released into Canadians' drinking water and into our land. too bad she's going to be shuffled just when she's getting a handle on it...
this is just the tip of the so-called iceberg as far as environmental poisoning goes.
thank goodness Gordon Campbell and the Tssawwassen Band have monetarily assured the Lower Mainland is a frontrunner for ecological sustainability, and will be making sure that poison will not impact wildlife or humans in the headlong pursuit of money.