Monday, January 08, 2007

Lowering expectations

Because sometimes you needn't read more than the headline, which can sometimes say it all:

Green plan limited, PM warns

But read the rest of the story anyway, and watch Steve weeble and Steve wobble as he desperately tries to ratchet down the expectations of any meaningful action by the Conservatives on the environmental file.

P.S. By request, I refrained from making any "so-called" remarks. It wasn't easy either. You're welcome.

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Anonymous said...

The Ottawa Citizen ran a two page summary of Koyoto and the environment yesterday, its details the lack of anything being done over the last 15 years, a graph of the increase in CO2 emmissions kind of high lites the two pages. If this next election is going to be fought over the environment, the Liberal Party and its supporters will have alot to answer for...the Ottawa Citizen is not known for its "right" wing approach and it gets it. Do you want the truth or do you want what we've been given the last 15 years?
And your welcome too!!

Anonymous said...

Blame the Liberals. Blame the Liberals. Yawn. People have stopped chewing on that fat billg.

People are "Hey what have YOU done for the environment lately?" nowadays. The fatal flaw or the oily Cons...

wilson said...

''Canada will be off Kyoto targets by 50 per cent in 2012, Harper says''

Telling it like it is!
Why weren't the Libs straight with Canadians way back when the emissions were off target only 10 or 20%?
Eight (8) consecutive surplus budgets. And no straight talk with Canadians.
Instead of using some of the surplus' to at the very least curb/manage the GHG growth, Libs chose one-off vote buying deals.
This is a clear case of the employee (Libs) misleading the employer (Cdn taxpayers) on the facts, just to keep their job.

Did the NDP choose daycare over Kyoto when they were making their deals with the Libs?

Did Lizzy May know GHGs were creeping steadily upward for 15 years, and still gave Libs a pass?
She has a lot to answer to also!

IMO Canadians will choose the gov't that tells the truth, no matter how painful the message.

Anonymous said...

Yup thats right you can't bring up the lib record on the enviroment nope.

That facts are we are in this postion b/c of the liberal party. It is what it is do you wacko liberal ever admit anything.

You people have no credibiltiy on this issue and that is fact. But hey playing the chicken little card and it is all Harpers fault is a laugh. Yup I'm sure if the libs where still in power we would have met koyto.

Reality is not a place for libs I'm afraid.

petroom said...

I for one did not support the ailing Liberal government that fell last year. However, the new leadership was not in control of that government.

Dion has proven that he gets the job done. He chose to focus on the environment. I believe he and his new team of Liberals can be effective; they already have their plan publicly out there.

Another thing, Dion is saying "good" if the Harper team can pull off a good environmental policy. He's been pretty non-partisan if policy is made to work.

Jeff said...

the Ottawa Citizen is not known for its "right" wing approach

I moved away from Ottawa in 2002, so maybe the paper has turned over a new leaf since then. We are talking about the same Ottawa Citizen right? Broadsheet, Canwest paper, obsessed with puppies, kittens and other pets? Because the Citizen I remember was quite right wing, although not to the degree of, say, the Ottawa Sun.

Wilson and others, I'll be the first to admit that the Liberal record is far from perfect. But you're in government now, and if your intention is to simply run against the Liberal record that won't get you very far. That would have been like Chretien running the 1997 election against the Mulroney record. I'm not saying the past is irrelevant, far from it, but you're going to need to show more than just "we sucked as bad as the Liberals did" to make any headway.

Anonymous said...

Can you believe that there are people out there that believe the neo-con rhetoric? There are some really stupid folks out there.

The Kyoto protocol wasn't signed up until 1998. The international contracts weren't signed up until November, 2005 (middle of an election). The plan was to commence Feb, 2006 and we know what happened there. Also, the Environment Commissioner in an interview following the release of her report did say the Liberals didn't do a great job BUT "good" plans were in place that were showing encouraging results (these were scrapped by Harper). Don't forget Dion was only Environment Minister for approx 17 months and he did have plans in place.

Harper and his gang of bullies have "deliberately" cherry picked the report. I wish there was a YouTube on the Environment Commissioner's interview - perhaps these people would stop believe the garbage they are being spoon fed. Please don't vote if you don't know the reality because you obviously believe crap fed to you.

Elizabeth May says Canada can still meet it's Kyoto targets. Whatever, at least in the effort something would be done. This way, with Harper, more panels, discussions, meetings, etc. and now 1 year and how many more???

Interesting too, the Democrats in the U.S. want to do more on the environment as they say Bush's Clean Air Act, yup, the democrats say Bush's act is called the Clean Air Act isn't working. John McCain believes in Kyoto and feels it should go further - now if he were to become President or any of the Democrats things will really change in 2 years. Boy Harper is really a joke isn't he?

Why have emissions come down in the U.S. - 90% of the pollution in the Atlantic provinces wafts over from the U.S. and 50% of the pollution in Toronto is wafting over from the U.S. Sure the U.S. is down - they're sending it here.

Uh huh, like a Canada only plan will help that.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't there be a headline somewhere on 'New Government Shills Love Golden Oldies'? Seems like everytime they open their rank pieholes all that comes out is 'They didn't do it!' 'Liberals didn't do it!' I think we should run our campaign as though the Reform-Alliance-Cons still had Stockwell Day at the switch.
Face it, no federal gov't in the past 20 years really exercised its full might on the environment file -- mulruney may be 'the greenest' but that still is a funny shade of green. Stephane Dion is now the leader and he has put his neck on the line that his Liberal Party will be one of sustainable development and environmental stewardship. He has received excellent comments from people whose job it was to criticize the gov't. Harpor is lying out of one side of the mouth, while sticking with his shameful voting record of the past three years. He has consistently argued against Kyoto, saying it would hamper our economy -especially in Alberta. Where has he been the past 14 years? That economy has boomed thanks a lot to those supposedly lax environmental laws (along with the Liberals heavy investing in R&D). However, more and more Canadians, even Albertans, see the writing on the wall.
That hasn't stopped the Cons crew from yelling about what didn't happen the past 13 years, while plastering anything that moves with 'New Canadian Gov't', including using the past gov't accomplishments as their own. Give it a rest billig and wilson666 -- we'll all have a laugh when after the next election the newly annointed Environment minister can return to his true calling, playing community theater in the Richard Simmons Life story...

Scotian said...

If the Liberals have no credibility according to CPCers on the environment and climate change issues because of their lack of action, then it equally is true the CPC has even less since they have at every turn done everything they could to prevent any progress on these issues claiming it was all a hoax. I love the way CPCers feel the Liberal record over the past 13 years is relevant but not the Reform/CA/CPC one in the same period and especially not anything Harper said in that same period. Love those situational principles in action.