Wednesday, January 24, 2007

No! Non! Noooo!

To echo Ottlib, Steve, Werner, Zac, Miranda, John and Westmount (Liberals all), no way in hell should Marc-Yvan Cote or anyone else banned from the Liberal Party for life for their roles in adscam be let back in. I mean, why is this even a topic for discussion? Seriously, I’d really like to know. Why the hell are we even talking about this? Wouldn’t it be easier to just bang our heads against a wall really hard instead?

Dion told Quebec newspaper Le Soleil in remarks published Wednesday that he has no objections to Marc-Yvan Cote being allowed to resume his Liberal membership.

Cote, a former party organizer in Quebec, was one of 10 members banned for life from the party by former prime minister Paul Martin in the wake of the sponsorship scandal.

Dion added that Cote's punishment was "exaggerated,'' and that he'd recognized his error and shouldn't be penalized for life.

That’s nice. But I don’t care. They didn’t just screw up. They violated our trust, and the trust of Canadians. I don’t care how sorry they are, or what lesson they’ve learned. They’re out.

It’s not like we’re talking about a pardon for a prison sentence. Penalized for life? Give me a break. They’ve been banned from joining the Liberal Party of Canada. Boo hoo. It’s not the end of the world. I’m sure they’ll get over it.

And seriously, why are you talking about this Stephane? Seriously, WHY? So a newspaper asked a question. Don’t answer it for the love of god! That’s in the past, you say, I’m focused on the future of the Liberal party. Green yada yada.

I mean, seriously, what the hell guys? Have things just been going too well lately or something?

UPDATE: The Globe this morning has Stephane issuing a clarification of sorts, saying no application for reinstatement has been made by anyone, he doesn't want to re-open it, it's not his decision, and he's not recommending anything. Fine. I hope this is a lesson learned.

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Anonymous said...

This seems like Dion's first major media blunder. Let us see if this spreads throughout the msm.

Anonymous said...

The liberal party is asking for defeat if they do this..what in hell were they thinking.???.I wish some one in this party would start a petition to give to Stephane.

Karen said...

It's not Dion's decision. Not sure if he has veto power though.

Anonymous said...

If there's someone pushing Dion, it's Ignatieff. I have it from inside sources that Iggy is doing everything possible to accelerate Dion's downfall so that he can take over ASAP.

Jeff said...

It's not Dion's decision. Not sure if he has veto power though.

It was the leader (Martin) that banned them. Whatever the procedure, official veto or no, it's really Dion's call. And whatever the procedure, it was stupid to even take the question.

audacious said...

personally with blunders like that; i question dion's integrity to lead forward.

Anonymous said...

I think everyone is reading something into this that is not there.

This appears to have been a question that came out of the blue. There is no suggestion any of these people have asked for re-admission, or that Dion gave any thought to this issue before the question was asked.

Of course he should have answered differently, or not at all, but at no point did he say he endorsed their return, or that he was contemplating allowing them to return.

I am pretty sure after all this hoopla there is no chance of their return now - even if they are seeking re-admission.


Anonymous said...

I'm with Gayle on this one: it was a left field question, almost like "when will you stop beating your wife?"
Dion answered honestly; it's not his call to say.
Dion said the truth, it's not up to him. Now let a reporter ask him straight out what he thinks about criminals or near-to asking to be allowed into the Liberal party, all's fair there and Dion is on his own. I trust him to give straight answer.
Obviously, Harper trusted a CONVICTED criminal to be in his party and appointed him Justice Minister, so I'd advise people to tread lightly on this issue.
Nice try though, trying to stick some goo on Dion.
Each feeble failed attack only shows your own fear and weakness (Rugby 101).

Anonymous said...

And remember, when it comes to Prime Minister Steve, nobody mention The War and his betrayal of Canadians for misrepresenting us in voicing his support for the illegal and immoral invasion in the American media.

That would be unfair.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it was a hypothetical question,but Dion answered it.And the answer was welcome back,all is forgiven for their error.Just don't get caught next time!

Anonymous said...

"Maybe it was a hypothetical question,but Dion answered it.And the answer was welcome back,all is forgiven for their error.Just don't get caught next time!"

Wanna find me the quote where he said that? I will save you the trouble because he did not.

I have no problem with people taking him to task for saying what he did, but when you start making things up you lose any credibility.

I stand by my previous post. Dion NEVER said he would welcome these people back.

By the way, does anyone know if this is getting coverage in the media? I know there was no mention of it in the Edmonton Journal nor on my morning radio station.

I am just wondering how big a story this is outside the blog world.