Monday, February 26, 2007

Conservative bonds and election laws

Gee, this story in the Globe this morning on the Conservatives' new bond system for candidates potentially running afoul of election financing law sounds really familiar for some reason...oh wait, that's why. Well, they're only a week and a half behind the blogs...

They did however get this rather amusing quote from a CPC spokesthingy:

The Conservatives say they have no plans to alter their rules.

"Elections Canada has not raised any questions with these rules and until they do, the rules will remain as is," party spokesman Ryan Sparrow said.

Canada's New Government: We're probably not following our own law but we'll keep on not following it until we get caught, cause that's how we roll. Accountability, Conservative style.

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Anonymous said...

How is this any different from the fine your party levied against that paragon of virtue, Joe Volpe? If these administrative penalties are donations, then so too was Volpe's fine.

Jeff said...

As the article said:

That fine was reduced to $1,000, it was assessed before the Federal Accountability Act came into effect, and it was paid, not by Mr. Volpe, but by his campaign, which presumably, collected donations from individuals following Elections Canada guidelines.

So "I think that's a red herring," Mr. Freeman said.

Anonymous said...

As usual, the Cons' defence of this hypocritical (and from their own laws, illegal) action is to try and tie it with some past Liberal act. They can't even see that there is an obvious difference. I guess we all should have known that it was Harpor's 'so-called accountability act'...