Friday, February 02, 2007

The original income trust kerfuffle

Remember during the last election, when the RCMP took the unprecedented step of sending a fax to an NDP MP to let her know it was investigating if someone in the Liberal government leaked news of the income trust decision, and then called her a few days later just to make sure she'd heard?

The NDP's Judy Wasylycia-Leis of course immediately called a press conference, called for Liberal finance minister Ralph Goodale to resign, all hell broke loose and the Conservatives passed the Liberals in the polls on their way to a Harper minority government, with the NDP now propping them up. And in the year since, what have we heard about this RCMP investigation? Crickets.

Until yesterday, when we get this very interesting news via Radwanski:

OTTAWA, Feb. 1 /CNW Telbec/ - The Chair of the Commission for Public
Complaints Against the RCMP, Paul E. Kennedy, has today initiated a complaint into the public disclosure by the RCMP of its criminal investigation of the possible breach of security regarding the taxation of Canadian Corporate Dividends and Income Trusts.

Well isn't that an interesting development? Like Adam I don't buy the theory in some circles that it was this unprecedented action by the RCMP that cost the Liberals the election, far from it. Certainly didn't help though, and it ruled out any leadership run by Ralph.

But the lengths the RCMP went to in order to make sure this news got out, and in the middle of an election campaign, were ridiculous. Not only did they fax the news to the opposition MP, but after seeing she hadn't been on TV talking about it yet, as the fax was sitting in a locked office on the hill while she campaigned, they called her constituency office to let her know.

Is that standard procedure for our independent police force? Perhaps that's one of the things this investigation into their conduct here will reveal.

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Anonymous said...

Well, if there is proof there was shennigans and if Goodale is actually innocent - I think he should sue for defamation of character.

Sue the NDP and RCMP and anyone else involved

Olaf said...


Way to be topical... and by the way, I tried to sue for defamation of character one time, and it TOTALLY backfired. Oh man, if I had known a "counter-suit" was a possible reaction, I just would have left Donald Trump alone.

Anonymous said...

Let's see. You link to an article where a forensic accountant said there was a link.The NDP asked the RCMP to look into the matter, and got a reply that they were in fact doing that.,

You link to an article about $30 million for a rainforest, but never mentioned the $4.6 Billion, yes, thats billion, dollars Martin agreed to spend on NDP initiatives to keep his job.

Get a life. Or do a post on Hollands moronic statements on Adler today.

canuckistanian said...

why was brison not held accountable??? this was the turning point in the election. can anyone say chretien??? that's what happens when you get into a knife fight with someone with a sharper shiv paul martin.

Rhetoric said...

I also look forward to seeing the results of this investigation of an investigation. As far as the communication with Washe...Judy goes it apparently is standard procedure for the RCMP to respond to requests for investigations (hence sending the fax) and it is also standard procedure in just about every organisation to follow-up on important communications that don't receive a reply (hence the phone call) especially when a fax machine is involved.

Anonymous said...

Trust me, i work at a media outlet and the RCMP do not follow up and offer investigation info unless pressed. Even in a good relationship, there is the knowledge that an ongoing investigation is very tenable that the 'leak' can't be considered 'official'... And only when the police want you to have that info and to spread it around do they send you follow-ups or phone to remind you. Their operation just isn't meant to be overly media friendly, but to pass along info to someone who will leak it to the media? They seem to be fine, and i'd say there was some political motivation here...
As to Holland's comments, they reflect almost exactly what the Ft Mac council has been saying, except C-ADler has gone that extra mile to put a Hugo-Chavez tilt to it, in his unbiased way to boost ratings. There was no talk of NEP II, just gov't putting their weight on oil companies to be more responsible. OH, but you Cons think that BO only have our best interests at heart... Hope you got your share of Exxon's mega-profits. It's in the mail, apparently.

Anonymous said...

From other pundits I have read and heard, I do not believe we will ever hear how this Income trust investigation will turn out. we are over a year now and yet not a word. The rcmp do not want this to come out because there was nothing to it in the first place. Just Ndp stuff to bring down the Libs. And they got their wish. But now they are faced with their ndp supporters who do not like and abhor their siding up to the Cons. and the ndp's are wiggling and wiggling to try to save themselves. Just look at the polls. What will be interesting to see is how much the ndpers will support the cons. new budget. If they go for it, with some additions to make the ndpers a little happerier this will make the cons very happy. but will happen to those in the ndp party. they are not too happy with them cosying up to the cons. time will tell.

Anonymous said...

it ruled out any leadership run by Ralph.

In other words, they did the Liberals a favour.

Anonymous said...

it ruled out any leadership run by Ralph.

In other words, they did the Liberals a favour.

Anonymous said...

Anyone saying there is nothing to the investigation try reading the article bcer linked to.
The article provides proof of insider training