Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Harper's master plan for a fall majority revealed

Is Steve Harper playing Alan Eagleson, trying to help get a rematch of the 72 Canada/Russia hockey summit series off the ground this summer, in time for the 35th anniversary? Seems plausible, after all, you may have heard he is writing a book about hockey. And watches hockey. And likes hockey. Because he's a regular guy. Honest. He likes curling too.

Tretiak is spearheading a proposal to re-stage the '72 Summit Series, pitching an eight-gam confrontation between Russia's best hockey players and those of Canada this August on the 35th anniversary of the epic original.

Tretiak, who sits in the Russian parliament, says he has the support of both Russian President Vladimir Putin and Prime Minister Stephen Harper.
So this is Harper's plan. Canada beats the evil empire in August and he cruises to a majority in the fall, basking in the afterglow. If they lose though…Dion's fault. He must have given the game plan to France, who passed in on to the Russians. Harper majority, and treason charges for Dion.

If I were Steve though, I wouldn't find comparisons like this helpful:
That prompted the Russian ambassador to Canada, Georgiy Mamedov, to quip that the series will include two "enforcers."

But even the backing of two iron-willed leaders like Putin and Harper stands for little...

I've heard stories of Putin's "iron will."

No, no Georgiy, I'm not like Putin, I'm like Bush. Bush!!

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And getting the animosity of fellow premiers, whether Tory or Grit, also should work wonders for the Guy Who Can Take A Punch. Now he can show off that footwork he's promised...