Friday, March 16, 2007

(Less than) 48 hours in Toronto

Apologies for the lack of blogging of late. I was down in San Diego (lovely city) for a conference, getting back into a comparatively chilly Toronto last night. And it's back on the road again tomorrow afternoon, off to Salt Lake City for another conference (but first a day of skiing here, possibly followed by an insider report on the American health care system).

As much as I enjoy traveling, it seems like I've been missing, and will be missing, a lot of fun and interesting blogging opportunities. From what I've been reading from afar it has been a pretty successful week two for Stephane Dion's cross-Canada tour. In particular, I was pleased to see some policy meat being put on the bones, answering the calls some of us in blogland have been making. At least three meaty policy speeches during this tour on the economy, law and order and of course, the environment; the reviews seem to be positive and when I finally get the chance I look forward to digging deeper into them.

And speaking of the Dion tour, I received a note about this video, and I see Michelle and Scott have blogged on it too.

It seems the Conservatives have had a staffer, who is paid not by the party but by the taxpapers, shadowing Dion across Canada spying on him with a video camera. Classy lads. I mean, that's common practice these days during campaigns anyway, but at least make sure they're on the party payroll, not the people's. Taxpayer-funded political spies? Yeesh. Insert your own partisan bombast here _______________.

The next week as well looks to be interesting. I'm sad to be out of town for St. Paddy's Day, particularly with Stephane and Carolyn Bennett both having fun green-beer fueled events in Toronto I'd have loved to made. And then there's budget day on Monday (with the Cons warning an election to soon follow), as Harper tries to put another puzzle piece in place for a spring election. With the Cons spending our money like it's on fire, it should be interesting. Remember when people looked to the right for fiscal discipline? Me neither, but I've heard it used to happen. Way back before the Liberals eliminated the deficit and ushered in an era of surpluses.

Anyway, since I probably won't be able to blog too much over the next few days until I get back to the T-Dot again Thursday, here's a few interesting posts I've come across around blogland:

Garth Turner has a post and video from Dion's eco-summit in Halton, and Zorpheous was there too and is posting coverage. Also, lots of coverage on the Liberal carbon emissions plan too. Meanwhile, I agree with Bowie, losing Anders would be a loss for oppo researchers nationwide. It would be much more fun to see Mr. Nelson Mandela is a terrorist get whacked in a general election. And what the heck is going on in Quebec?

Hope to be back with more regular, in depth (un)insightful commentary soon. Until then, good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

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