Saturday, March 31, 2007

Painting Quebec orange?

Interesting headline on the CP ticker:

Layton says rise of ADQ is a sign Quebecers are prepared to vote NDP

Has Jack ever looked at the ADQ's platform?

Of course, his point is that Quebecers rejected the old line parties and wanted to see something new. But "a Quebec breakthrough" for the NDP next federal election?

Hey, you've got to have faith. No one knows that better than a Liberal from rural British Columbia.

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Suzanne said...

They've been talking about that breakthrough in Quebec since the 1960's.

With that sense of strategy, is it any wonder they haven't formed a government, yet?

Karen said...

I turned my head and saved my screen, just in time! The headline did indeed have me laugh out loud.

I say great, once again the CPC and NDP are aligned, :).

If this does not prove that Jack is truly jumping at every opportunity, I'm not sure what will. Come to think of it though, some of the NDP pundits were playing a bit of that on the talk shows this week. "We saw a party go from x% to 30 something, we can do it too". Pretty funny and sad at the same time.

That said, the CPC would be jumping to conclusions as well if they think that Quebec has suddenly shifted to the right.

It was a protest vote imo, nothing more. Deserved perhaps, but to think that it reflects what would happen federally is foolish, no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall on.

Joffré said...

Many Québec voters seem to think that the NDP and ADQ are the same party, so it just might work!

Anonymous said...

"We're going to have the kind of team that's really going to excite the people of Quebec with the possibility of a voice that will speak for the average middle-class family that's really feeling squeezed these days," the NDP leader said.

Average middle-class family????? This is the discourse of another popular federal leader in Quebec, the Right Honourable Stephen Harper!!!!!

Are the two of them really one person at the same time? Or has Layton mistaken the ADQ for Quebec Solidaire.