Monday, March 26, 2007

Police probing allegations involving the Conservative campaign co-chair

This story on CTV is a must read. While it is all allegations at this point and everything is unproven, quite a sordid picture certainly emerges about the seedier side of Conservative backroom politics. We should withhold judgment until the investigation is complete, but certainly these allegations deserve a full and proper hearing. All that is surprising though is the hypocrisy and the gall.

OPP probing alleged Tory link to mayoralty offer
Updated Mon. Mar. 26 2007 1:46 PM ET

Canadian Press

OTTAWA -- The Ontario Provincial Police have launched an investigation into a sworn affidavit that claims a senior Tory close to Prime Minister Stephen Harper was involved in an alleged bid to buy off an Ottawa mayoralty candidate.

I'll let the story speak for itself, and wait for the results of the investigation with interest. In the meantime, on a lighter note let me highlight this comment Reynolds makes about the $110,000/year parole board job:
Reynolds maintains there's nothing sinister. He said he would be happy to put Kilrea's name forward, or any other person's, for a Parole Board appointment because not many people want the job.

"They're looking for people to go on parole boards,'' said Reynolds."Most guys don't want the jobs. They don't pay that much.''

Dear John,

I'm a simple man with simple needs. I also believe in getting tough on crime. To serve my country and keep our communities safe, I'd be happy to endure the sacrifice of serving as a parole board member for the pittance of $110k/year. I'll even get by without a per diem. I'll pack a sandwich. Resume attached, fyi.

Conservatively yours,


(h/t Dan)

UPDATE: Ted rightly points out things have been busy lately for the Conservatives. It was just last week we heard the RCMP was being asked to look into new information around allegations former MP Jim Hart was offered a payout to make way for Stockwell Day.

And in other Conservatives and the justice system news, a week earlier an Alberta judge ordered a new Conservative nomination race be held in Calgary-West, overturning the party-engineered acclimation of incumbent Rob "Nelson Mandella is a terrorist" Anders.

The Conservative lawyers sure are being kept busy these days.

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McLea said...

Nelson Mendala was a terrorist.

Now an argument can certainly be made that his actions were justified, but you can't say blowing up civilian targets isn't terrorism, regardles of the motives.

Gayle said...

I am interested in how all this plays into Harper's decision to call an election. Most people are not really interested in this right now, but it should make an impact during an election.

Does he wait until the smoke clears? Does he go now before the smoke turns into fire?

Monkey Loves to Fight said...

No surprise here. I always saw John Reynolds as a slimeball. I don't know why, but he came across as seeming like a corrupt one and this just re-affirms my suspicions were correct.