Monday, March 26, 2007

Six Foot Jesus Made Of Chocolate

Sometimes really off topic press releases find there way into my e-mail box at work that have nothing to do with my work as a technology journalist. What some of these PR people are thinking I have no idea.

This one today at least, while wildly off topic, was at least amusing. Rather than post a photo I'll link to one here and be warned, when they said anatomically-correct they weren't lying...

March 2007 Sarah Cirkiel / Danielle Simone

Pitch Control Public Relations


Six Foot Jesus Made Of Chocolate
Cosimo Cavallaro’s Most Anticipated Show At Lab Gallery

NEW YORK (March, 2007) -- World renowned artist Cosimo Cavallaro unveils his latest and most striking installation at the Lab Gallery (at the Roger Smith Hotel, 47th and Lexington avenue) in the early morning hours of April 1st. Cavallaro’s work, entitled “My Sweet Lord” is a 6 foot tall, anatomically correct sculpture of Jesus Christ in milk chocolate.

“I’m truly thrilled to be working with Cosimo again,” says Matt Semler Creative Director of the Lab. “The sign of any great artist is how their work affects the observer. His art always gets a reaction, but this is the most dramatic piece of his career. It is absolutely amazing” The exhibit can be viewed from the street when the velvet curtains of the gallery open from midnight to 1 AM and 6 PM to 7PM (starting April 1st and closing April 7th).

Although Cavallaro has work in permanent collections of museums world-wide, he is best remembered for covering a New York City hotel room in melted cheese (1999). His Jesus is made with over 200 pounds of chocolate, which has been donated by the San Francisco based Theo Chocolate Company (theo as in the obrommin cacao or “Fruit of the Gods”). The confectionary Christ is having its world premier in time for the Easter holiday.

The exhibit is cosponsored by artnet, the respected on-line art gallery and art magazine. It has a supporter of serious artists like Cavallaro since 1995.

THE LAB (for installation + performance art) is a New York based, converted storefront turned fishbowl producing 30+ fast paced performance art and installation exhibitions annually. Aimed at furious midtown foot traffic, THE LAB’s programming is designed to confront modern relationships between art and audience and seeks to force interaction between high energy, “outropsective” exhibitions and nearly 25,000 daily passersby. It is THE LAB’s goal to reach out through the glass and capture, fascinate, amuse, bemuse, soothe, shake and satisfy any and all who pass within eye or ear shot of the corner of 47th and Lexington. For more information, call 212-339-2092, or email


For more information regarding The Roger Smith Hotel, The Lab, or Lily’s, to speak with a representative, or to schedule a tour of the space, please contact Danielle Simone, , or Sarah Cirkiel,, Pitch Control Public Relations, 212.475.4919.


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Robert said...

Lends new meaning to the phrase "Sweet Jesus!"


Robert said...


(oh relax already!)

dawg said...

Cavallaro wants to "epater les bougeoisie." He wants to annoy the working class Latinas/Latinos Catholics who don't have the money of a privileged white man who wastes his time with boring, irrelevant art while people are dying of AIDS. If he truly wants to annoy people, when is he going to create a cookie sculpture of Martin Luther King fellating a hooded KKKer? How about a pork rendition of Muhammad 69ing Allah? I guarantee that such art will make Cavs world famous.


" "

Unknown said...

I honestly don't understand what people are upset about. From what I can tell (not having seen it in person), the only "sacreligious" thing about the piece is the medium, chocolate. Otherwise... it's an image of the crucifiction. The nakedness has been done before and is possibly historically acurate, hardly an issue for a mature, reasonable person.

Marie said...

When some guy went a published cartoon of the profet mohammed there was riots all over the world, people were killed becuase of it. There is NO easter bunny's in the bible. The sclpture went and demoted ,Jesus who died for everybody sins, to a easter bunny.
The funny thing is, it is in the states again, so NOW is in exceptable. When are the Christians going to get some back bone??????

Mark said...

I this was a chocolate image of Muhammad it would have made world news and there would have been a global outcry. Demeaning Christ or Christianity has become a world wide past time and seems to be more than acceptable. If the Americans would remember the values that this country was founded on, this would not be allowed to happen. It's time to speak up and show our distain for this non-art and call it what it is. If art is a form of speach, then this would be the epitomy of hate speach. Where do we draw the line????